The Apprentice Summoner

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wouldnt it be funny if a league summoner was so fail at being a summoner that his fellows played a practical joke and summoned him into battle himself? maybe do something like...

medium health, low attack, high magic high difficulty.

his passive would increase the effectiveness of the chosen summoner spells (duration/loweredCD/increased effect)

maybe make Q summon extra creep minions of increasing strength (super minions at level 5?)

dunno about his other abilities but his ultimate would most likely be something like he summons a random hero he can control with ALT, or "replaces" him for a minute or two and if the replacement hero is killed he warps back in.

maybe make his joke would be like "come on guys! this isnt funny anymore!"
and his taunt would be "your so bad, i'll never summon you thats for sure"