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[Champion Suggestion] Slurb, The Oozling

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**anything in {} brackets are personal thoughts/extra notes**

Slurb, The Oozling {I do not claim to be a professional at naming}

The city-state of Zaun has created many a wonders, but the rampant mixture of magic and science have had some unforeseen consequences. Slurb knows not what truly created him, or what happened before he fell out that pipe, all he remembers is that the people of the nearby city chased him away as he tried to approach. After that Slurb wandered lands avoiding contact until he had happened to meet a blind monk living alone in the mountains. This blind monk not only treated Slurb well, but helped Slurb become welcome in the nearby village. Slurb found peace and tranquility in that little village, protecting it from the occasional wild animal or stopping the occasional miscreant kids. It was on the day that the assassins of Noxus showed up that everything changed. It was all Slurb could do to try to stop as much death as possible before the blind monk showed up to help fend them off and save the remaining villagers. Feeling weak and lusting for vengeance, Slurb decided to leave the village in the blind monk's hands and join the League of Legends with the hopes of both becoming stronger and getting revenge on Noxus. {I am also not a professional writer}

Physical Description:
Was thinking along the lines of a green, normal slightly slender humanoid for general build/shape. About as tall as Heimer (including his fro), no real facial features, and an almost over the top running animation as if it were hard for him to walk at a normal speed. {this is just kinda what I had in mind while designing abilities/backstory}


(Q)Noxious Cloud: Slurb throws a toxic cloud in a direction dealing [numbers] magic damage and putting the target to sleep for [duration], half effects on any targets hit past the first. [So if first enemy hit is put to sleep for 2 seconds anyone else hit past that are put to sleep for 1 as well as taking half damage] {duration/effect could change depending on how Riot planned on handling sleeps}

(W)Reactive Explosion: Slurb channels chemical reactions in his body for 1 second after which he deals [numbers] damage in a small radius around him and slows the movement speed of those hit by 20% for 2 seconds. {I was thinking the visual would be he quickly turns red before exploding as that would also let enemies know when he is doing it even during his ult}

(E)Fisticups: Slurb enlarges his fists and spins dealing 75% of his attack damage + [number] physical damage in an aoe around him. {pretty basic, instant, quick half a second or so visual}

(R)Green Defender: Slurb jumps onto an allied champion and forms a protective bubble around them taking any damage or effects they would take for 3/5/7 seconds. During this time Slurb can still attack and use abilities and his attacks become ranged. This effect counts a channeled spell. {basically Slurb jumps on an ally and anyone who targets that ally targets him instead, his attack changes from melee to shooting balls of goo, any stuns/fears/silences/etc that would end a channeled spell stop this effect and Slurb reappears, I also contemplated adding an attack speed increase for Slurb during this}

(Passive) Corrosive Touch: Any time an enemy takes damage from Slurb's attacks or spells their armor and magic resist are lowered by 1/1.5/2, stacking up to 10 times. {obviously wears off after some time, but the longer a battle lasts with Slurb in the fray, the more damage you will start to take}

These are all merely suggestions, and thus:
I give Riot full use and control of what I posted here; including, but not limited to, adding/removing abilities, changing any description, story, name, numbers, etc.