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Champion Suggestion - Aldinon the Dreamer

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Feel free to comment if anyone has any additional ideas relating to this particular champion.

If people seem to enjoy my ideas, I'll offer up more. I love to think up ideas.


Aldinon the Dreamer

Aldinon is an elder master of dreams who is timeless. One of the oldest competitors of the League of Legends he is said to be the father to all that is dream. Aldinon is a support mage hero who commands the power of sleep and nightmare with great ease to control and influence the battlefield in the tread of his teammates. When in his physical form Aldinon uses melee attacks and is a very vulnerable hero, but his strengths shine when his greatest powers are unleashed.

Dreamwalker - Aldinon is capable of moving more quickly when nearby enemies are asleep. Every sleeping opponent increases his movement speed by 1% to a max of 5%.

Dreamtalker - Aldinon is capable of putting the closest enemy to sleep. Aldinon puts an additional enemy to sleep for every rank of Dreamtalker. This ability lasts 5 seconds for champions or 10 seconds for minions/pets and they will be woken by damage.

Dreamstalker - Aldinon is capable of taking advantage of sleeping opponents, teleporting instantly to their location so long as he is within a short distance of them. If Dreamstalker is activated again shortly after, Aldinon inflicts damage equal to his attack power with a bonus determined by rank to them and wakes them.

Nightmare - Aldinon is able to inflict on a sleeping target a nightmare. A nightmare inflicts damage equal to Aldinon's attack power plus a bonus determined by rank and stuns the target for 1 second.

Battlefield - Aldinon enters the world of dreams and lashes at a sleeping enemy nearby. While fighting on Aldinon's turf the target take damage equal to 3/4/5 of Aldinon's basic attacks while Aldinon recieves damage equal to two of theirs. Both sources of damage penetrate all armor. This is instantaneous and will wake the target, stunning them for 1 second.