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[DPS Champion Suggestion]Erebus-The Master of the Night

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Champion-Erebus-Master of the Night
Tags, DPS,Support,melee,carry


Darkness acts like a bush. while in darkness Erebus gains 25% increased attack speed. darkness lasts (10+level) seconds.
First Active: Shadow Strike
Erebus blinks to the target dealing his basic attack damage. once at the target a patch of darkness is create in a X AoE. If cast from darkness Erebus deals double damage.

  • Level 1: 200 AoE, 25 second CD
  • Level 2: 300 AoE, 21 second CD
  • Level 3: 400 AoE, 17 second CD
  • Level 4: 500 AoE, 14 second CD
  • Level 5: 600 AoE, 11 second CD

Second Active: Blackout/Consume Shadows
Target AoE becomes in cased in darkness. If cast in darkness all units in the darkness take Y damage and heal Erebus for 50% of the damage done.
  • Level 1: 300 AoE, take .5*basic attack.
  • Level 2: 400 AoE, take .6*basic attack.
  • Level 3: 500 AoE, take .7*Basic attack.
  • Level 4: 600 AoE, take .8*basic attack.
  • Level 5: 700 AoE, take .9*basic attack.



Third Active: Grasping darkness
Enemies caught in darkness gain a stacking slow debuff which slows by X%. upon reaching Y stacks. the target is stunned for 1 second.
  • Level 1: slows by 1% every 2 seconds. 10 stacks to stun.
  • Level 2: slows by 2% every 2 seconds. 9 stacks to stun.
  • Level 3: slows by 3% every 2 seconds. 8 stacks to stun.
  • Level 4: slows by 4% every 2 seconds, 7 stacks to stun.
  • Level 5: slows by 5% every 2 seconds, 6 stacks to stun.

Notes: (Any final notes?)


Ultimate: Embrace the Darkness

Can only be cast in darkness. For X seconds no Champion can leave/enter a patch of darkness. additionally enemy units take Y% more damage from all sources
  • Level 1: lasts 3 seconds, 10% increase in damage
  • Level 2: lasts 5 seconds, 20% increase in damage
  • Level 3: lasts 7 seconds, 30% increase in damage

Playing with
  • Be stealthy
  • use blackout to play mind games with the opponent
  • Use darkness just like a bush, a well placed blackout could save a teammate

Playing Against
  • Stay out of the darkness
  • Be wary of any patches of darkness around, he could be hiding in any of them
  • All of his abilities are physical damage based, armor stacking can help against him