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[Champ Sugg] Malekaisser, Feaster of Blood

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Malekaisser, Feaster of Blood

(Caster, Heals, Farmer)

Passive: Blood Drinker
Malekaisser have X% lifesteal to its attack.

Note: Malekaisser’s abilities use HP to cast.

Q: Circle of Blood
Create an AoE circle that last for T seconds. Enemies within the circle takes the greater of X damages or Y% of their max HP each second. You gain that amount when you remain within the circle. Whenever a minion or champion dies within the circle, the duration increases by 1 second.
(Usage: Farm, DoT, Self Heal)

W: Mark of Drink
Apply a Mark of Drink onto a target enemy for duration of T seconds. All ally that attack the target is healed for X% of the damage they done.
(Usage: Heal Ally, Call Target, Deterrence)

E: Blood Pact
Target an ally champion, minion, or pet, and apply a Blood Pact on to it and to yourself. For duration of T second, if remain within a range, you will heal for X% of all damage done to the Blood Pact target, and if you takes damage, the Blood Pact target will heal for X% of that amount.
(Usage: Self Heal, Ally Heal)

R: Summon Blood Hounds
Summon a Blood Hound pet under your control that fight for you. You take X hp loose for each second the Blood Hound is out. Whenever the Blood Hound attacks, X% of the damage it does is converter to Stored Blood. When the Blood Hound is destroyed, you would be healed for HP equal to amount of Stored Blood. Can max have 3 Blood Hound at any time)
(Usage: Increase Damage Output, Pet, Self Heal, Synergy with Blood Pact)


Thats the summary. Got the idea for the abilities, I think they would work well, but don't have the mind to fill in the balancing numbers. For those who like the number games, feel free to suggest what are good number to fill in. Thanks.

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Hmm... name sounds kinda familiar. Don't know where I've heard it though...