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[Champion Suggestion] The Houndmaster

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Came up with an idea like this. Tell me what you think about the concept.

Naragoth, the Houndmaster
Clad in shadows and shrouded in mystery, Naragoth and his loyal wolfhound Wraith are a duo only a few dare to oppose. Only a few know of their real origins, but rumours are many; some say they are offspring of a bestial demigod, one soul in two forms. Some say that Naragoth is a former werewolf whose search for a cure split his human and animal side in two, while the most reasonable ones say that he used to be a royal Houndkeeper of [Insert Nation Here], and Wraith is his last remaining companion after a Noxian invasion. Nevertheless, their partnership is unquestionable; every motion and gesture is fulfilled by the other, and words are merely a hindrance. Naragoth is known to send Wraith to pursue an enemy over a great distance, as well as use special, scented knives to mark targets for Tracking in the middle of battle. When pressed, Naragoth will set Wraith loose, and the phantomlike hound will ravage enemies with bestial ferocity. And should their prey still stand, Wraith will let out a piercing howl that freezes the blood of their enemies, calling forth a horde of phantasmal wolves.

Atppearance: Naragoth is a mix between Singed and Jax, I think. He wears ragged robes and assorted fur, and has a some bright clothes fit for royalty, but they are tattered and dirty. He wields a cane and has a belt of throwing knives. Wraith is a wolfhound.

Animation: Naragoth sends Wraith to attack. He is considered ranged, and every time he attacks, he swings his cane, and Wraith bites/claws the enemy. Wraith is untargettable. When they're not attacking, Wraith stands next to his master.

Details: Naragoth has no mana, moderate health, and high-ish attack. He is a mix between an attack/ability power carry.


[Passive] There is a small chance that Naragoth's attack will slow the enemy by 30 % for 3 seconds and deal his level x 3 in extra damage.

[Q] Hunt
No cooldown.
- Naragoth sends Wraith to hunt down and kill the target. Wraith immediately launches off, moving at 600 speed towards the target, and when he reaches it, he deals Naragoth's attack damage, increased by the distance between Naragoth and the target. The spell cannot be used again until Wraith returns.

Notes; high cooldown, but high damage. Should deal about 600(?) bonus damage if used from he other side of the map at level 5, but the target gets a debuff, telling him that he is a target.

[W] Track
35 second cooldown.
- Throws a specially scented dagger at an enemy. Naragoth gains vision of the target for 3/4/5/6/7 seconds, as well as increased movement speed while close to the Tracked target. When sent to Hunt, Wraith moves 20 % faster if attacking a Tracked target. Deals 50/70/90/120/140 damage.

Notes: an alti-stealth as well as a chase ability. Effectively shortens the cooldown on Hunt, but also reveals a target, effective when chasing. AP ratio is about 0,5.

[E] Unleash
25 second cooldown after effect ends.
- Naragoth sets Wraith free. Wraith has 400/500/600/700/800 hp, deal 40/50/60/70/80 true damage, and has fast attack speed. If Wraith dies, Naragoth suffers a 3 second 30 % slow and takes 100 damage.

Notes: a bit like Tibbers, except a bit faster movement speed, weaker attack, less health, no aura, and also does a feedback if he dies.

[R] Call the Pack
130 second cooldown after effect ends.
-Wraith lets loose an eerie howl, slowing nearby enemies by 40 % for 3/4/5 seconds. Two seconds after the Howl, a pack of phantom wolves appear, attacking everything in the area for high damage. The pack follows Naragoth for 25/30/35 seconds, prioritizing for low-health targets.

Notes: A bit like a long-duration Crowstorm or Tremors. I was thinking of 70/120/180 damage per second. However, the damage starts only after the wolves reach the target, and they also prioritize, meaning that low-health minions will die before Champions.

Here we go. Just an idea, tell me what you think.

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I love reading a ratting champion concept ideias, but im off to bed right now so im goying to do this for you tomorow morning fresh and rested