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To be honest, how DO you shut down a taric. He can stay in a lane until around level 10 with only a mana manipulator . .

If he starts with mana manip, he will be very low on HP. (Taric actually isn't that tanky). He also have pitiful damage by himself. If you want to shut him down nice and good, you have to be very offensive. Taric can regen himself back up very quickly because of his passive + heal synergize very well. But he's not that tough to take down to begin with.
The most important thing in fighting Taric after laning phase is that he is now useless unless he's in the thick of it. Radiance no longer heal, and Imbue has a very long CD comparatively. If he goes AP and stay out of the fight, then he can't heal. If he joins the fight, kill him.
If he goes tanky, he won't be able to heal for much (and he hits slow, so he can't heal often).
If he goes offensive, he'll have very little in terms of defense. Kill him quick, and be done with him.

ps. His stun actually doesn't stun at melee range. OK, it does..but it's for half a second. It will deal more damage, but you can almost always overpower him.

Just be careful of shatter in a team fight. That's like a -40AR on everyone..and that's not pretty if they have a carry.

To OP:
I think Taric is just about right currently. He's not UP, but not OP either. I think he was definitely a lot stronger before Radiance nerf, but he's in a very good place right now.

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Taric is absolutely badass, but that doesn't mean he needs nerfing. Taric can't solo, had is slow as dirt, he is easily killed once stunned. Yeah he can be a pain (I play him, a lot) but without a good team, even an awesome taric (such as myself having a game of 9,3,8) gets a loss. Taric is a support pure and simple, treat him like any tank, kill his allies, then gank him. He has lots of armor and if you build him, lots of magic resistance. His heals dont come often, and most tarics(again like myself) get overconfident and run into a fight too far ahead, take advantage and kill him. He is the pillar of his team if played well.

Yes I realize I said kill him last, followed by kill him first, different situations. What i mean is if you can kill the taric, especially late game, you can handicap the team and finish all off. Then when taric respawns he does such low damage he isn't a problem by himself.