Problem randomly connecting to game.

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I Am Sanncho

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Riot Tech,

I am currently experiencing a few issues (first off, im not filled with rage, just thought i'd point this issue out so perhaps you can solve the issue or point out how I might solve this myself.)

The issue I am most concerned with, is after heroes are selected, and before the player loading screen my game looses connection with everyone else and all I see are the two pictures I attached below. sometimes I just can wait, but it takes like 8-9 min before it decides to auto connect to the game. What I normally do is close out, and reload league of legends but even then, for some reason it takes 4-5 min for the log in menu to open up. after it does, it gives me the normal option to connect to the game.

Secondly, I have noticed an issue with FPS with the game sense the last few patches. What used to normally not be an issue, but for some reason now I can't have the graphics at high like I used to. What would happen is the map would have issues loading certain objects and would remain black. Aside from the cosmetics, every now and then I would loose my precious 60fps's during team fights or lots of spells being cast even though I am now forced to play at the lowest graphic settings. Playing this game with 5-15 fps is very difficult.

Attached is my DxDiag and two pictures i took to give you an idea of what i am seeing for the connectivity issue.

Thanks for your time.