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[Guide] Katarina AP Build

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To Daikaze
well i only placed the main items that i feel you need in order to go and start racking up kills with ap i placed in "other items" thats you can have more ap or survivability but those depends on whats needed. If you never get focused because some1 else is a more immediate threat then survivability is needed less otherwise if your the focus upon initialization then yes survivability is more desirable if not required. For the boots i either go ninja tabi or mercury treads depending on the matchup or the other speed boots if i feel either 1 unecessary

I find codex too weak even if it is cheap but id rather get the other cooldown items then again you wont really need cooldowns if you get kills since it recharges your 3 skills and takes half from your ultimate and usually by that time either you or your team is dead or the other team is dead or running

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Lowest you cant get shunpo is 3.95s(iirc), which is fine, no-one is escaping you after Rylai's anyway. Best thing in the world is being jumped by evelynn, while having 500AP. Ult > Dead Eve. She raged.

Lowering the cooldown is more to get away than to keep up with someone. I go with cooldown runes also. Sometimes you shunpo in and then they all target you and to be able to shunpo out half a second sooner could be the difference between life and death. I don't know about buying codex, though, I think there are better items.

No one's mentioned banshee's veil I don't think. Banshee's veil increases survivability a ton with her since everyone saves their disable for you. Disables are her number 1 enemy.