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[Champion Feedback] Corki Feedback Compilation

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I took the liberty of going through several Corki threads with is name in the title and compiled what everyone thought about him. Any other thoughts?


Phosphate Bomb
* is too good because it shows invisible units. - IEatBabies, Zephyrous
* is too good because it is an AoE blind. - Woozl, Feenom
* has too high of a miss rate. - Naieth

Gatling gun
* pushes damage too high when damage is stacked. -aNthological, DasiNF, Kosta, jaybee

* Having another blink is imbalanced/Too much mobility. -DevRemming, Running Naked Fat Man, Kosta, yyninja, Feenom
* The escape is OP when combined with his damage. -Danthor

* has ridiculous range and speed. - Xavori, Feenom
* has too low of a cooldown. - yuke

Damage is too high. - IEatBabies, Running Naked Fat Man, Feenom

Can work in every situation. - DasiNF, Zephyrous, Bianary

Attacks being AoE imbalances. - Running Naked Fat Man, ShadowOrigin

He can farm very well. - Kosta, Cosmic Power
He pushes very well. - ben4zwin
Strong early on due to spammable spells but evens out at lv9-12 - Death's Envoy

Rebuttals or Weaknesses:

Phosphate Bomb:
* has short range - Lockedbob, Zeyk

* is not a flash, it is a speed up. - Lockedbob
* AoE does not last long and is very small. - Mr Tibbers

Gattling Gun:
* have to face the target to hit with the gatling gun and it doesn't hit buildings - Lockedbob
*is avoidable and standing in front of it is stupidity. - Mr Tibbers

* is balanced - Kosta, killertje, Mr Tibbers, Zeyk
* It scales poorly with AP. - Zeyk
* can be lured to waste his rockets. - hatmaster

Dies quickly if focused on/is soft - DasiNF, kijik, Naieth, Loony

Passive's total damage is not very powerful by comparison. - Lockedbob

No crowd control and is reliant on allies. - Obsession, Doctor Awesome, Vacant, Pharmacologist, Naieth, Obsession, The Senate

He actually doesn't push that much better, he is just slightly better. - Doctor Awesome

Spells are easily avoided. - hatmaster

Is only very good if he is allowed to farm and get nasty item combos - Naieth

Only powerful if strong items are bought - Aeonus

Phosphate Bomb:
* reduce damage or make it a longer cooldown with higher mana. - Norrak, Nobal Kain
* reduce blind %.

* give it a charge rate. - Danthor
* raise the cooldown. - Norrak, Xavori
* lower the range. - Xavori
* stop it from going over terrain. - Naieth

Gattling Gun:
* Attack speed reduction on gatling gun to reduce its power when attacking a tower and still killing the creeps. - Danthor
* Reduce Gatling Gun farming power. - Zileas

* costs more mana. - Darkblood, BetaRayBill
* is single target. - Norrak
* reduce the AoE range. - Ydriel, ShadowOrigin, Xavori
* Nerf AoE coefficient on rockets. - Zileas
* * But the AP coefficient is already 1/3. - BetaRayBill
* * Nerf the AP but also lower the cooldown. - Shadowen, Kosta
* Nerf the Ult cooldown. - Naieth

Nerf everything: cooldowns, mana costs, AP scaling - Shillen

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Senior Member


Good compilation of feedback there, however, I believe there was a suggestion to lower Phosphate Bomb's blind percentage.

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Senior Member


Yeah I think the whole hero is broken.... too much AOE overpoweredness. I like some of the ideas on the character - especially the Ult - but its all way overpowered.

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Senior Member


I think they should slow down the speed of his ult. If rocket grab was too fast to dodge how are people gona dodge a 3000+ speed projectile.