here, have a story

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coffee addict

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just did dominion

was me(poppy) and 4 ****ties vs a team with zil

all zil did was run around capping towers

we ended up losing

he claimed to have carried his team with his 9 caps and 1800 points

i was like um, no? youre a newb

he ended match 0-2-1 and the kattarina in 2nd place was only behind by 50pts

yet zil claims to have carried his team to victory

i only lost because my shen was a newb that doesnt understand the importance of quests and dies defending towers against their entire team(he ended 0-7-2)

i ended the match with 18-2-7 but with low points

i never stay to cap towers, i just secure them for my teammates

so, here's a question

how important are points, really?

not killing anybody and only capping towers vs. killing everybody and not worrying about towers

P.S. we only lost by 15 points because my urgot decided to afk after i called him a dumb**** for ult'ing zil away from me after he revived