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l ABR l Paradox

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3 Days Ago

Hey everyone, I making this thread for one reason and that is too help out new players coming into the game. I want you guy to get the most of league of legends at least more than I did when I started. League of Legends is by far the best game and the most fun PC game I have ever played. I am level 30 in League of Legends and I would like to pass all my knowledge on to the new players or even players that know alot about the game and would like to get the league of legends gameplay better.
My youtube name is:

My LoL name is:
l ABR l Paradox

TUNE IN I HAVE VIDEOS OUT EVERYDAY RIGHT NOW I HAVE VIDEOS FOR ADC TOP AND JUNGLER THE NEXT GAME IS GOING TO BE SUPPORT THEN MID. Please support me so I can help all of the newcomers that come into the League Of Legends community. I am willing to do so much for league of legends. I hope you guys have as much fun as I do played league. Please like subscribe on my videos thanks very much everyone who does. Also if you have suggestions for videos, I take anything.

I also do play other games but 95% of my videos will be league of legends. The channel is for new players and veteran players.