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Just my thoughts

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I'm so over the old play style that when I got to play Dominion on it's release I simply couldn't get enough of it. I've had my rage moments pre-dominion. Now maybe it's cause I am primarily into FPS or MMORPGS like WoW(which is where I learned to PvP) so starting off with LoL I had some familiarities but I hated that I couldn't counter certain things. Now I think I've lost two games of the 9 played on Dominion but **** I have to say job well done Riot. I mean there are bugs as far as the launcher go but when I get in I'm having a blast. I'm almost tempted to dole out money for the champs I don't have. Anyway I just wanted to say the previous sentence and wanted to know what the fastest win time was. I got 10:56 with a spectacular team. The morde on op4 even told me I should get on some LSD or something I took it as a compliment and wanted to say GG to the op4 and taking it with such humility.