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Dungeon Terror

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A gelatinous cube creature that can expand/shrink itself and control its solidarity- becoming hard as a rock or almost water-like. Within its mass are the remains of an adventurer, a now malevolent soul trapped within and controlling it.

Deep within a long forgotten catacomb beneath the plague jungles, magical runoff pooled around the remains of one long-dead adventurer, the magic calling the soul back and binding it to its remains. Sentient but trapped, the being attempted to escape for possibly years, there was no means to count time nor did it matter, only escape. Eventually discovering the ability to manipulate liquid matter around it, it created the large cube form and would travel with it.

Burning with hunger as though it had been starving for years it found could only be satiated by absorbing fleshy surroundings, its form corrosive and capable of capturing creatures inside of it, it traveled mindlessly feasting on anything in its path. Eventually Ezreal both found and captured the creature in the name of the league. There they found a means to communicate with the soul trapped in the remains, but it knew only hunger now, the sentient desire to escape back to nothingness no longer there.

But with a mind and the ability to think, it could easily be a tool for a summoner to use on the battlefield..

Passive - Disgusting Ooze: no unit/npc collision, anyone that passes through recieves a % slow & takes ticking damage while being inside. 3 second debuff on any champion that contacts it.

Q - Solidify - toggle ability
When solidify is activated, if a hero or npc is caught inside the dungeon terror it takes a burst of damage as it is painfully crushed inside, also gives you regular unit collision. Untoggling the ability returns the dungeon terror to it's gelatinous state, allowing it's passive to work again.

W - Expand! - activated
Rapidly expands it's width (think filling up a jungle path) and increases the corrosive properties of the dungeon terror's mass for X seconds. % increase to disgusting ooze damage.

E - Tenacious Grasp - activated
passive - recieves XX Hp when passing through players/npcs, small inner cooldown.
When enemy champion has disgusting ooze debuff, tenacious grasp slings a portion of its body at the target and if contact is made, the entire mass is pulled to it. Similar to Amumu's bandage toss in that it is a skillshot but has no effect if disgusting ooze debuff is not on the target, passes through minions.

R - Sentient Rage
Take on the shape of a large human, the remains inside standing up like a skeleton. It's mind returns to it and becomes enraged at it's situation- used as a toy by summoners and trapped like this! increased movespeed, damage and two charges that fuel a long range aoe slash attack, form lasts 10 seconds.

Disgusting Ooze debuff does no damage or slow effect when outside of the dungeon terror's body, at that point it is used for tenacious grasp. I felt that a passive slow debuff would be a bit too much. This champion should be good all-round jungling and laning. Some might think a big cube would be boring to play, but with the remains inside I think there is plenty of room for cool special effects, especially with the ultimate!

Having a % slow while being inside the champion may be problematic and something that should be removed, I considered that with the character doing ticking damage to anything inside it something like rylai's would be a pretty strong buy for it.

This champion is based around ability power and would have good base health/armor and a slow run speed.

Of course this is a straight up hat-tip to the good old D&D gelatinous cube, keeping in mind that there must be a mind/sentience for a summoner to control it. I'd like to expand on it lore wise if people are interested too!