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Gatling Gun Champ Idea

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How about a ranged AD champion that functions kinda like a Heavy in TF2. Someone with a gatling gun, and their autoattack is permanently like Twitch's R, except it stops at the first target hit ala regular skillshots instead of line nukes.

Q as an ASPD steroid and movement speed debuff as a "spun up" toggle. Drains mana? Leveling up increases the positives, lvl 1-5 Q has the same speed debuff to deter 1 point wonders. Talkin really high aspd buff, to the point that buying aspd is questionable on this champ because you'll have so much aspd to compensate for your slow speed (this skill makes kiting pretty much impossible?)

Some kind of ranged nuke like Tristana's E to deal with creep blocking in lane. Mainly for harass and last hitting, so make it real weak but cheap on mana costs and low cd. Perhaps like Irellia's Q, where it refunds some mana upon creep kill. Maybe with some weak pushback to give him an anti-tunneler tool besides his dps.

Maybe E is a passive that activates the line nuke autoing hook of the champ, more points more dps (aspd? armor shred?). Think Vayne.

Dash style ultimate that goes over walls and adds aoe damage (explosive shells?) or some cc to the auto attacks (slow? really short fear?). What's critical is jumping over a wall and arriving strong, able to trash single targets that have burned their escapes or put that Fiddlesticks style explosiveness/terror against a team.

Passive that grants increased effects from buffs say 120% duration or something. Red/Blue/Janna shield/Soraka armor whatever, longer duration. Shout out to medic synergy haha. I don't really know what to do here, I felt he was weak in lane and made this, but perhaps this could turn him into one of the only ranged AD that could viably jungle?

The idea is to have an AD carry that explodes into an area and deals insane damage at a very high aspd, but has an auto that's outrunable by very high movespeed/dashes and has a small area of control due to low mobility. And I'm talking crazy damage, Heimerdinger turrets blasting a single target damage. Old Twitch and Corki damage, except with none of the slipperiness of stealth/high mobility. Makes items like Blood Thirster, Black Cleaver, Last Whisper and Madred's Bloodrazor very appealing.

How about some high base health/regen to compensate for his lack of mobility and difficulty laning if he picks up the E. However, low base damage to encourage players to grab at least 1 level of E to get that gatling gun dps. Same range as standard ranged dps, not Sivir short or Caitlyn long.

Core strength:
Ridiculous dps if built AD
Bullies around squishies by having that Heimerdinger style area control, except instead of planting turrets, he's lumbering around with that damage.
Very strong with Red Buff and On Hit proc items.
Excellent for securing Dragon/Baron
Defends towers like a demon
Jungle capable?
Gatling gun makes enemy team get peppered kinda like Sivir.

Core weakness:
AP assassins like Akali or Poppy wreck him. I feel like the knockback W should let him survive against champs like Xin Zhao or Gangplank.
Difficult laning (if E is picked early)
Easily Ganked
Hard to secure a kill on runners
Gatling gun makes focus fire more difficult.
Falls behind badly if he doesn't get $$$

And for lore guys, how about another madman from Zuan? Havn't had anyone from there in a while (Yorick too lame to count). Really horrific looking, bloodlust and a desire to fight Mundo brings him to the League. Wants to see if the Doctor can heal faster than his gun can shred him. Another living weapon like Sona's perhaps.