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[Champion Concept] Windscar, the Magehunter

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Lore: I dunno that's what writers are for...

Basic Concept: An AP fighter and a mage tank. Think if Jax and Galio had a love child.

Passive: (*Similar to Kassidin) Windscar absorbs magical damage and converts it into movement speed. This more then likely has a cap similar to Miss Fortune, and would only last around 2 seconds.

(Q) Mana Burn: Deal damage to the target champion equal to x% of their max mana. Applies a Sigil of Silence to the target for 3 seconds.

(W) Power Sap: Windscar's next auto attack deals additional damage equal to y + (x%) of targets AP. Applies a Sigil of Weakness for 3 seconds.

(E) Sigil Hunter: Windscar jumps to the nearest champoin with a Sigil and applies a Sigil of Doom for 3 seconds.

(R) Marks of the Headhunter: Each of Windscar's abilities applies a Sigil to the target.
Windscar may active Marks of the Headhunter causing his next auto attack to burn a Sigil off of the target. Each of the Sigils have an effect when burned:

Sigil of Silence: Silence the target for 2 seconds.

Sigil of Weakness: Deal damage to the target equal to x% of their AP, and steal that AP for 3 seconds.

Sigil of Doom: Mark the target for destruction. If this target dies within 3 seconds of burning the Sigil of Doom, Windscar gains a buff, increasing his movement speed, attack damage, and AP.

His cool downs would have to be somewhat short, to allow Sigils to be burned. But would have to be long enough to force the player to make a decision of which Sigil to burn, when.

I chose to ignore damages and percentages since those numbers are balance issues and do not have to do with concept of a champion.

Please post your thoughts!