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Hallos, The Hammerd Of The Highhalls

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Hallos was born deep under the soils of Runeterra in a place with high walls, deep caverns, rich soil. The Hammerd Highhalls.
One day the young lad decided that beyond all the darkness there must be light and life so he ventured out into Runeterra to discover the world, his search for life showed him only death and he became hardened and blood thirsty and he took his hatred and blood lust back with him to his home land. Now the Hammerd Highhalls is but a memory for Hallos, one he cannot forget.

"Ye can all rot, 'ere let me show you!" - Hallos

Damage-55(+3/per lvl)
Health-420(+90/per lvl)
Mana-250(+50/per lvl)
Move speed-310
Armor-20(+3/per lvl)
Spell block-30
Health regen-1.2(+0.1/per lvl)
Mana regen-1.4(+0.1/per lvl)


Passive-(Heat of battle) enemy units that die around Hallos grant 1 extra gold 1 extra physical damage 1% movement/attack speed bonus. All stats lost upon death.

Q-(Thundering Strike) Hallos throws his hammer to target area catching it and slamming the ground dealing damage to the effected area for 80/120/160/220/260 true damage and stunning himself for .25/.50/1/2/4 seconds range 1000 cost 100/100/150/150/200 mana 1 second cast time.

W-(Land slide) Hallos places a trap that deals instant damage 50/100/150/200/250 and slows the enemy champion by 30% for 2.5 seconds traps last for 3 minutes costs 25/50/75/100/150 mana (max of three traps)

E-(Hammer time) Passive: 10% of Hallos Armor rating converts to Health regen. Active: 10% of Hallos Armor rating is converted to Attack damage.

R-(Defender of the Highhalls) Hallos shields target area for 70/70/70 Magic resist and Armor while the shield is up and for 6 seconds afterwards any allied champions who are in or enter into this AOE gain the buff while the shield lasts and receive 20% reduced damage from enemies while inside the AOE. Enemies who are caught in the AOE or who attack Hallos while the shield is up have reduced movement speed by 30%, any enemy champions caught in the AOE after is is deactivated receive 300/300/300 damage range 600 cost 100/100/100 (30 mana per second)