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Irelia Rework

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The Roonage

Senior Member


Irelia has been a real problem champion. Her kit has everything: gap closer, true damage, sustain, burst and she's hard to balance because of it. In order to make her balanced all of her kit has to be watered down. example: xin zhou's passive regeneration at level 1 is more than rank 5 hiten style.

So this is just a quick rework suggestion i came up with, that suits the style of play that i found the most fun: a bursty counter-attacker and chaser. Nothing gives me more pleasure when playing Irelia than destroying someone who trys to gank me 1 on 1.

Passive: Transcendent Blades
Irelia is guarded by her father's transcendent Blades, which attack nearby enemies. Blades prioritize enemies attacking or being attacked by Irelia. Blade attack speed, damage and movement are determined by Irelia's stats.

Hiten Style:
Passive: Irelia gains Tenacity
Active: Irelia's blades heal her for a % of damage done for a short period

Blade Surge:
Irelia's T blades lash out at the closest enemy champion, dealing damage and on-hit effects. If the target is within close range, Irelia dashes to the enemy dealing bonus damage and briefly slowing them.

Irelia's T blades fan out, attacking all enemies within a short radius. While Hiten Style is active, this ability provides more lifesteal for each enemy hit, but deals 50% less damage to minions

Decisive Strike:
Charges up T blades for a powerful strike on a targeted enemy champion. After a brief delay, the blades strike the targetted champion and stun it briefly. The blades chase and attack the target for a short time, dealing bonus damage.

-pre lvl 6 harass
-free tenacity
-interesting passive
-gap closer slows
-good 1v1 capabilities

-loses true damage
-short range gap closer, cannot choose target
-longer cd on stun
-less last hit capabilities
-can no longer stack tenacity
-more mana hungry sustain
-easily counter-picked by Jax
-damage partly reliant on minion ai

This is my first hero re/design so don't be too brutal