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Check out these ideas on the new Korean champ 'nine tailed fox'

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The Korean players are generally happy, because the Korean champ is a hot nine tailed foxy girl with some Korean aspects.

However, some did point out that ninetailed fox is recognized as Japanese character. In fact, the Japanese people have used it in their works such as Naruto and Poke'mon etc.

Korea and Japan are allies in economy but we have some conflicts about territory and war crimes(like comfort wives, Korean people were forced to test the chemical weapons) from WW2 remain unsolved.

So in shorts, Koreans wouldn't want the ninetailed fox to be recognized as another Japanese champs after the ninjas, samurai skins, and kimonos.

Well, so people really love that Korean costumes she is wearing in the concept art, however there are some gimmicks I wanna suggest.

Many of those Korean people on the forum said I should email this ideas to riot because these are really good ideas.

But it doesn't make the champ too Korean. They are just some little gimmicks really.

So here we go, the gimmicks!

1. She should sing the "여우야 여우야 뭐하니(=Hey fox, hey fox, what are you doing?)" song for the joke. This is a Korean children's song about fox. All the Koreans know the song, and it can be translated into English very easily. And it's something that wouldn't make the champ too Korean but it will still give her some more Korean aspects (just to make her less Japanese!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aGgLmoPe9Q (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aGgLmoPe9Q)

That's the youtube link of the song with cute young lady for the singer!

2. She should dance like SNSD! Korean, Chinese, European, everyone likes SNSD! So she must dance one of the Gee or Genie dance or something! Just like Ezreal doing the Haruhi dance.

3. And perhaps her skins can be more Korean. In Korean folk tales, ninetailed foxes love human livers because they believe they can become human if they eat 100 human livers or was it 1000? I'm not sure but many livers. Well she doesn't need to be like that, but it'd be good to have a halloween skin like 'liver eater Miho'. Ninetailed fox with SNSD costume skin will sell like magic, I guarantee. But Riot can get sued for violating SNSD copywrite so the skin should be named like 'sailer Miho' or 'idol star Miho'. Korean traditional costume skins(hanbok, sobok, etc.) are welcomed! But never make a kimono or anything of Japanese version of the champ. Doing so will be like a betrayal to all the Korean players lol

Well I don't know if any of the developers actually looks at these suggestions but if these ideas are helpful, hire me to Riot lol. I'm in my last year of university, studying digital design. And I'm specialized in idea development and conceptualization! They call me "the God of creativitiy"! (jokes)

Hope these ideas are helpful in creating the new champ and I'm looking forward to see ya success in Korea!