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[Champion Concept] Slug, The Thing

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Note: I did not read any of previous ideas, so I am sorry if this one is a clone of other idea. Sorry if my poor english is annoying you guys

Slug is a medium range, durable support with good mobility. The main job of this guy is to disable enemy champions, and deal low, continous damage to them. Works nice with stacked magic penetration.


Passive: Blob - Slug is slightly immune to phisical damage.

Q (Slide) - Slug is rushing to targeted location, slowing all enemy units he touched.

It is high range ability (1200?), with quite big mana cost, and cooltime about 20 seconds.

W (Biohazard) – Active: Unleashes high toxic creep to area around Slug, dealing damage over time to all enemy units and champions. Additionaly armor and magic resist of all hit enemies is greatly reduced for duration. Passive: Slug becomes highly toxic beeing, and is dealing damage over time to all nerby enemies (aura, stackable with Sunfire).

Biohazard is low damage, but spam skill with low mana cost.

Passive is dealing about 10-15 true damage per second, or bigger ammount of damage as magic damage (did not decide yet).

Biohazard is short range skill, as active and pasive.

E (Symbiosis/Parasite) – Slug is able to drain ammount of ally champion hp, healing himself for same ammount. In exchange Slug is granting targeted ally by ammount of mana twice bigger than ammount of drained hp, additionaly ally champion hp regen is increased for short duration. If used on enemy champion, it is draining target mana, and transfering it to Slug’s mana pool, additionaly increasing Slug’s hp regen for short duration.

Symbiosis (ally target) cost mana.
Parasite (enemy target) cost hp.
It is a medium cooldown, medium range skill.

Ultimate: Dominate – Slug is attaching himself to the target enemy champion, takeing control over it for short duration. Slug is able to move his victim and use it's skills, expect ultimate (ultimate is marked as Dominate: Detach). Additionaly, Slug is dealing damage over time to his victim. Biohazard effect, and all other like Sunfire are stackable with Dominate. Bigger armor/resist ammount counts for both, no matter if it is Slug’s or his target. Only enemy team can attack Slug and his victim, damage taken by this pair is splited between them 50/50. All stuns and silences will instantly remove Slug.
If victim die when Dominate is active, Slug will gain instant hp and mana regen based on victim’s max hp and mana.
If victim survive Dominate duration, all victim’s cooldowns will be refreshed eaven if it was longer than duration of Slug’s ultimate(expect ultimate).

Dominate requires melee range to activate. Biohazard aura is still active, eaven if Dominate is in use.

I did not make any damage / heal / regen ammount specifications. I think (ofcourse if u like this idea) that Riot will do it way better.
I did not think about story for him yet, but i will if you like this idea for new champion. For now it is clear he is one of void beeings, or, i was wondering if it isn't good idea to make him failed Singed's experiment. Shapeless, with plenty of junk into it. Just blob

Hope you enjoyed my idea for new champion of League. Please post any of your suggestions