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Duo queue partner

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Hey guys, I am having trouble getting out of my elo currently, it may seem that I am the problem cause I am here, but I feel I could do better with a decent partner. I am not here to complain about elo hell or whatever because I don't really believe in it, I just think I am unlucky and a second person could help. I am not the best person in the world, I admit I make mistakes but usually I do well and admit my mistakes.

I can play all roles, including jungle and support (but my support is my most limited). a little about my stats this season, I am 6 wins 7 losses, 1215 rating. I have 87 kills, 48 deaths and 99 assists from those games. I have only played 2 characters in ranked so far because everybody plays the solo or ad carry. My first, and most played is jarvan (jungle exclusively so far, because nobody likes to jungle) which is 30/27/61 and vlad which is 57/21/38. It's not the best stats but I am competitive and try to the end. If you are interested, post something about yourself, some stats from this season and we'll see if we can work something out!