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Champion Concept- Ajax, the Chosen

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Ajax, The Chosen

HP: 470(+90) AS: 0.659 (+2.6%) Armor: 20 ( +4) Magic Resist: 30 (+2)
Range: 125 Movement Speed: 330

Health Bar
Aspire Bar

Passive: Aspire
Every time Ajax receives a Blessing, He gains 10 % extra of that bonus for 5 seconds ( Player picks a blessing for upcoming team fight )

Q: The Blessing of the Gods
Ajax may pick one of three blessings, the blessing remains until chosen new blessing ( Works like TF's Luck of the Draw )
15 seconds ( Cd-reduction has no effect )
No Scaling
No Cost

The Blessing of Might:
Passively adds 50,75,90,110,130 damage, AS reduce: 40%,35%,30%,25%,20%
Knocks back target every hit.. Maokai knock back range
Min As : 0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7
Max AS : 0.8,0.9,1,1.1,1.2
Armor and Magic Resists bonuses from items are reduced 70% of the given Bonus

The Blessing of Speed
Passively adds 30 movement speed at all ranks
loses 20,25,30,35,40 damage
AS increase 70%, 75%, 80%,85%,90%
On hit effects have no effect with this blessing
Armor and Magic Resists bonuses from items are reduced 70% of the given Bonus

The Blessing of Courage
Passively adds 25,30,35,40,45 Armor and Magic Resists

The Blessings are meant to be picked base on the situation, Players are suppose to stick to one blessing at a fight. Players can switch depending on the situation.

W: Destined Arrow Shot
GP parley range
25,30,35,40,45 seconds ( CD-reduction has no effect )
100,200,300,400,500 True Damage
No Scaling
No Cost
Execution skill, and also to provide the character with some range
Click to activate

E: Cataclysmic Leap
First jump half of Flash range
Second jump Flash range
6 seconds at all ranks ( CD-reduction has no effect )
First Jump click to activate, does damage 20,50,80,110,140 to Enemy target, no damage on allies
Second Jump skill shot placement off of First target ( similar to rumble ult )
Second Jump does the same amount of damage, but slows 50% for 3 seconds on surrounding units... Shatter range
No Scaling
No Cost
Gap Closer

R: Sword of the Gods
Ajax summons the sword, his damage, attack range, Aspire gain, and damage reduction is based on how low Ajax is when using the Skill.
0,5,10 damage 10 Aspire, 100 range, 10 % damage reduction at 100%-80% of current health
15,20,30 damage 30 Aspire, 200 range, 20 % damage reduction at 80%-60% of current health
30,40,50 damage 50 Aspire, 300 range, 30 % damage reduction at 60%-40% of current health
60,70,80 damage 80 Aspire, 400 range, 40 % damage reduction at 40%-20% of current health
70,80,90 damage 100 Aspire, 500 range, 50 % damage reduction at 20%-1% or number > o of current heath
The scaling are based on when Ajax uses the skill, so he will not get max benefits when he gets low health.
Ajax cannot recovery any health when Ability is Used, the duration last until Ajax has been slain
150 seconds ( CD-reduction has no effect )
No Scaling
No Cost

After Ability has been activated, Ajax can activate the ability again to perform actions base on the amount of Aspire he has.

50 Aspire : Devastating Slash
Next attack Ajax deals, will deal additional damage ( 30,40,50) physical, damage all units in a 180 degree, and are knock back..( lee Sin range )
Range: Attack range

Any remaining Aspire will remain until spent

100 Aspire : Divine Wrath
Can only be used when 10 % or less of current health
Ajax selects a target, jumps up in the air, then smashes down with the sword that has grown into a mountain sized sword, if the target has been slain, then Ajax creates a wall ( half the size of (Aniv's wall) ( he lands in front of the wall ). Once this ability has been activated, Ajax loses his Ultimate.

Ajax is impervious to any damage when performing Divine Wrath

The damage is true damage, starts off at 100 when enemy current health is 100%-90%
deals 100 more true damage every 10 % less of enemy current health.

The first option is for utility, and to make sure the ultimate is used at certain situations. The second option is a last resort execution move. It helps deal with that certain champion that just becomes unstoppable.

Ajax is a melee Dps, he adds versatility to the team. He also helps with makeshift roles, when the team needs a bit more Nuke,sustain or Bulk.

Building Health on him would be ideal, as his abilities are base on his current health, and also because of the Resits handicap in the other 2 blessings.

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Senior Member


I like the Q as it is because of how unique and versatile it makes Ajax, but I would recommend lowering the AD gain from Blessing of Might quite a bit. I would make E a single-target spell, just so you cannot use it to escape harder than Tryndamere with Flash. W is okay at best despite TRUE DAMAGE, since the CD doesn't stop from getting any higher for leveling it, so you can only use it as much as Cho'Gath's Feast in lategame teamfights, but without the AP scaling or Health stacks benefits. I'm assuming Aspire is similar to Rage in that you gain it by attacking, but you don't lose any from using your spells (which have really high CD anyways, and CDR wouldn't help). R seems like it could use work; the passive stat boost seems really strong and makes him a Carry as opposed to a Fighter sort of Champion. Ajax's base movement speed seems too high for a Fighter with that kind of power. I would make it 315 at most (the same as Jarman). Base armor's too high; it should be 15 or so.

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Blessing of might has AS reduction, it also has a cap. the E is half of flash distance of one target, and it requires a target to make the second jump. The cooldown gets higher when you level it, it also does more damage as you level, also remember CD reduction has no effect on Ajax. Aspire can only be gained from your ult activation. The high damage on his ult is because of its long cooldown, it is suppose to be used very situationally, and in desperate times, the high damage is also because Ajax will not be able to recover health, as long as his ult is activated. Ajax is suppose to be very fast and hits hard, with a little durability to help him make those high damage hits. The base armor is because of the 70% resists reduction on items from the other 2 blessings.

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Senior Member


just a few quick thoughts, since your champion ignores cdr, cannot use on hit effects, deals primarily unscaling true damage. this champion kind of goes through a game of lol, but completely ignores almost all scaling. I would try to find a way to make this champion fit in with the game a little smoother, I mean what do you buy on him? any item with cdr is wasted gold, then depending on your primary mode, on hit effect items don't work, AS or AD is massively reduced, so you just build crazy HP every game and try to deal as much try damage as possible. I would make this champion more original then that. all said you have some great ideas in there and this is very original, just think about all the non scaling and true damage.

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just going to be captian obious here A-Jax...

also seams a little op and mid game heavy with no late game potenal, becies being op, and has a cho ult on a Q. seams a little op.