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A couple of ideas

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The Party End



Mekonraiba the Light's Edge
Passive: Light’s Judgement
Whenever Mekonraiba kills an enemy unit he sends a small shockwave of damage radiating outwards dealing damage to all around him.
Q: Blade Switch
Upon activation Mekonraiba’s sword transforms into a ranged weapon and back again upon activation again.
W: Blade of power
Active: Mekonraiba gains +10 atk power, +5 per ability level after the first. Upon activation Mekonraiba sends out a cone of light dealing damage to enemies and stunning them for .5 seconds.
E: Blade of Speed
Active: Mekonraiba gains +.5% atk speed, +.25% per ability level after the first.Upon Activation Mekonraiba dashes instantly in a selected direction.
Ult: Blade of Light
Mekonraiba swings his blade at the speed of light sending out a blade of light dealing damage to all enemies in the area and blinding them.

Well here is one concept the other is yet to have a name
Passive: Dragon's Hoard
Champion gets 1 extra gold per 10 seconds.

Claw Strike
active: Deal Physical Damage to target doubling the passive for 10 seconds effect losing the passive effect until cool down is over.
Passive: physical attacks pierce an extra 1% of max attack damage in physical defense at +1% per skill level.

Dragon's Flight
Increase movement speed by flight by 5% +1% per level and ignore player impact

Tail Sweep
Can only hit behind the champion. Deal a sweeping cone damage and slow knock back all targets in the cone.

Raging Inferno
Bellow a breath of searing hot flames to set an area on fire causing initial magic damage and magic damage over time to everyone within the area. If the champion is within this area he gains life over time as well.