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Zillnix, the Galactic Menace

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Ok this is my fourth draconic champion. If you like him, check out myothers at a link on the bottom.

Health: Average
Attack: Weak
Spell: Strong
Difficulty: Average

Health: 380 (+70)
Health Regen: 3.9 (+.5)
Attack Damage: 52 (+3.2)
Mana: 300 (+52)
Mana Regen: 5.4 (+.5)
Armor: 15 (+3.8)
Attack Speed: .72 (+1.8%)
Magic Resist: 32 (+.25)
Range: 325
Movement Speed: 315

Passive- Zero Gravity: All nearby allies have 10/15/20% incresed movement and attack speed. Scales at 9 and 18
Radius: 1000

Q- Breath of Stars: Zillnix exhales pure star fragments, dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+.4 per AP) magic damage in a cone. In addition, a star forms at the center of the cone after .75 sec, which explodes after 1.5 sec, dealing 40/70/100/130/160 (+.3 per AP) magic damage.
CD: 15/14/13/12/11
Cost: 40/70/100/130/160
Width: ~45 degrees
Range: 625
Burst Radius: 450

W- Galaxy Burrow: Zillnix burrows into the earth, disabing him from taking actions and removing him from confrontation and sight for 2 sec. (Removing the champion from sight means stealth. Noone can see it, except the user.)
CD: 24/23/22/21/20
Cost: 50/80/110/140/170

E- Menacing Stare: Reduces all enemies's movement speed by 15/15/20/20/25% and attack speed by 5/5/10/10/15% in a cone for 4 sec.
CD: 16/15/14/13/12
Width: ~45 degrees
Range: 625
Cost: 20/40/60/80/100

Ultimate- Space Flux: After 2 sec channel, Zillni creates a flux in space, dealing 340/580/820 (+.7 per AP) aoe damage. In addition, all enemies hit are snared for 2 sec.
CD: 120/110/100
Radius: 600
Range: 1500
Cost: 60/130/200


Playing As
-If you are low on health, use Galazy Burrow to grant time for CD and make people unfocus you
-Breath of Stars does additional damage when the star explodes, so it works best on imobolized champions
-Space Flux snares enemies as well as does damage, which can grant more damage from Breath of Stars
-You cannot do anything when you use Galaxy Burrow, so use it only in dire needs
-Galaxy Burrow disables you from combat, which means attacks like skill shots and aoes (GP's Cannon Barrage, Anivia's Blizzard, Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow) will not effect you.
-Galaxy Burrow removes you from combat, which includes heals and damage over time effects.

Playing Against
-Checking a bush more than once can allow you to catch any burrowed Zillnixes
-Move from the Breath of Stars once it hits, so you do not recieve additional damage
-Space Flux is a channel, so stunning or fearing them could be useful

How He Works
Early Game
Zillnix will have very low damage capibility but he will have very high survivability. He will prevail at CC with Menacing Stare and, when you get it, Space Flux. Galaxy Burrow costs alot and has a long CD so use it only when nescisarry. It can also be used to avoid detection when that pesky Poppy face checks. Farming will be easy for Zillnix with Breath of Stars, since they dont really move.
Mid Game
Your combos will be great in both initiating and escaping. His CC will still great. Space Flux will form the bulk of your comboes and damage, so use it for some kills. Turrets can't even attack you while you are using Galaxy Burrow, so keep that in mind. Space Flux has a good range, so use it to grab enemies running away with it and Menacing Stare
End Game
If used correctly, Space Flux will be remarkble in team fights and to escape ganks. Menacing Stare will slow the team's attack speed, and in all the chaos, Breath of Stars will do exceptional damage. Again with the chaos, you might even slip by when using Galaxy Burrow.

Move Priority

Mystic runes cover his hide, and he has black scales. The scales faintly glow purple. he has two horns that seem like they have no definite form, but clearly represent horns.

Few have traveled to the beyond and back. One lone wyrmling, Zillnix, sought to travel to all the galaxies and back. For many years, he searched the world for protection against the terrors of space. He found runes that, when imprinted on a creatures bare skin, would allow them to live without air, water, food, and what most need to survive. He then set out to finally realize his dream.

He was met with horrors he did not think possible. Hwe saw whole worlds being destroyed by its once inhabitants. He came across a world early in its time. He traveled there to protect it from the fate so many others had suffered. He came across an order that sought to protect itself as well. He then joined the league.
"I will not let this world destroy itself like so many others have." -Zillnix

Edit Log
-Reworded Galaxy Burrow
-Upped burst radius on Breath of Stars
-reduced total damage of Breath of Stars
-Increased damage from Space Flux
-Increased speed reduction duration on Menacing Stare
-Clarified Galaxy Burrow and added minor movement.
-Tweaked Menacing Stare
-Increased damage on Space Flux
-lightly increased damage done by Space Flux
-Space Flux's damage was increased from 190/270/350 to 340/580/820
-Increased passiv's buff from 5% to 10% at 1, 15% at 9, and 20% at 18

Recommended Build
1. Doran's Ring
2. Sorcerer's Shoes
3. Mejai's Soulstealer
4. Rylai's Crystal Scepter
5. Will of the Ancients
6. Rabadon's Deathcap

Mage, Assassin


IP Cost: 450
RP Cost: 260

Check out my other Champions
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...1#post16155661 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=16155661#post16155661)

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ok its finished

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...Oh bull****, NO ONE'S LOOKED AT THIS?! Ack...

Sigh...in all honesty, I'm expecting a Galactus vibe so here we go~

Ok, the passive's fine seeing how they need to be near him. Could really help in a teamfight, especially a Tryn with that AS bonus. Maybe it could scale as you level, like 5/10/15?

Breath of Stars looks fun. The only thing is the burst radius. If I'm thinking correctly, that'll take up most of the cone. Perhaps reduce it, and also in turn increase the AP ratio of the star? Also, reduce that cost! That's a bit high for a Q spell, don't ya think? o_O

Galaxy Burrow...eh. Unless that prevents vision, that's useless. If anything, I would recommend giving it SOME movement, even if it's slowed. Otherwise, he's just a sitting duck. Again, however, this all depends on whether it's technically a stealth.

Menacing Stare's width seems a bit small to me, honestly. Perhaps increase it and lower the reductions to compensate? The duration of the effects also bugs me, 5 second slow could pretty much mean instant death. Would 4 seconds be fine with you?

Space Flux makes me think of Fiddle ult with the channeling. I'm guessing it's going to be set up in a similar fashion? I only say this because it seems it would be difficult otherwise to get it to work.

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The burrow is basically a zhonyas. As far as i can tell, or does it not give invuln?

If not, then people will sit there and aoe the **** out of where he is burrowed.

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ty for reviews