[Question] Critical Damage?

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Hey, have a quick question for anyone able to answer it or have a discussion. Simple question is, Critical Hit Damage, is this reduced by Armor? or Magic Resistance, or nothing?

The question roots from the way I have been playing my Master Yi. It actually almost seems unfair, because by mid-ish game I am getting him to Crit 78% of the time, for about 550 to 600 damage.

Can anything reduce this? it almost seems unstoppable by ANY champion 1v1. Sometimes, with Life Steal % at 30 or more, you can 1v2 with the refresh on all skills due to his Ult.

Maybe its just me, I am currently level 10, and love the game, just wondering how Master Yi can rip through everyone if their is no defense against it.

So if Crits can be reduced with armor, then I could imagine someone could just get mass health with mass armor and thus render this build of Master Yi useless.

Thanks in advance for anything that could help or spark up a discussion!

- Mordliss

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A critical is an attack that does double damage( or more with cirt damage items and runes). So when someone buys armor the attack damage and therefore the critical damage is decresed.

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With 100 armor critical hits will do normal damage to you, and normal hits will do half damage. Formula is X / (100 + X), where X is your armor.

Armor applies to ALL physical damage, including skills that do physical damage.