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Champion Concept: Guillotine, the executioner of souls

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Altair Flame

Junior Member



[EDIT!] updated everything so that you won't have to go to my deviantArt anymore

the rough sketch along with skills/lore/quotes, post opinions please

(and consider making it! I sorta want to try how it'd be like playing champions you imagine yourself, if skills are op or not, or that you've sorta came up with something balanced...)

-The executoner of souls-

Q Grave Violation > Gravesend
Short Skillshot dash dealing damage to all enemies in a line and knocks the first champion airborne. > Hacks the airborne champion back into the ground, stunning and dealing damage

W Grasp of the Souls
The warpping of the hilt unwraps to the 2 nearest enemy champions stunning them and summoning grasping hands to damage and slow them shortly

E Chain of ****ation
Sends out the blade to deal damage and pulling yourself to the enemy champion when your hp% is higher / pulling the enemy champion towards you when your hp% is lower.

R Execution (Ultimate)
Flashes toward target enemy champion, stunning repeatedly dropping the sword from above and repeatedly chop down dealing high amounts of damage.
(this is not removable but the stun can be removed, allowing you to move around with Guillotine for the duration)

Passive Falling Blade
Guillotine extends his attack with every critical strike in a line in front of him.
(The additional damage caused by this is not affected by spellvamp/lifesteal, but heals every 5 attacks for 30 +15xlvl)

Serving in a small castle on the Shadow Isles, Guillotine stood firmly fixed to the ground. He was a tool for execution, souls that have done wrong, neither living or dead would have their souls released, they would all be consumed by the blade. Thousands of creatures have been put down, and absorbed into the blade.

This flood of power feeds the blade, slowly over time, the thousands of souls grew a sentient consciousness, not of their own anymore, but of the blade: it knew it’s purpose, to execute.
To feed his power. His voice was the molten agony of all the ****ed in his chain.

The power flooded, the blade became able to manipulate itself, it broke free, leaving only the two stands where the blade would pass down when it’d fall, but it would never fall down there anymore. As he broke free, the souls in the chain manifested as skulls around it, forming a hilt around it, becoming a sword, a moving execution stand, which knew it’s purpose.

The castle where it stood was doomed, as they were not bright lights, not at all. Soon after his liberation the residents of the castle were the first to fall to the newfound freedom, feeding him with more powerfull souls.

Now that he is free, filled with purpose, but denied of targets. It needed a place where it could execute forever; the Institute of War, the League of Legends.


- The souls are moving
- The souls grow impatient
- Oil the chain! I don’t have arms remember?
- It feels good to move around
- Take me to the execution grounds

- The souls want company
- Chop chop!
- Execute!
- End life.
- I don’t play with dead
- I polish with blood!
- I have arrived!

- You will lose more than just limbs!
- Your existence is miserable, allow me to end it.

- Off with your head? Oh no, there’s way more to it…
- Don’t rattle my chain

- My purpose is executing, lead me the way.

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Junior Member


Neet idea, this said, as it stands, even with the handle, all it could be wielded to do is stab/jab. I would recommend either leaving the handle behind and just get two long chains connected to the blade's top corners (once used to hoist it up to do it's deed) or give one side an edge.
As it stands if she/he/it was made into a real champion riot would be stuck making Guillotine thrust in over and over again, very boring to look at. Meanwhile the chains could thrash things for normal attacks and when she/he/it criticals it would be a crunchy, satisfying thrust. or alternatively it could also chop and slash if given a sharp edge.
Also, in any case you would use the chains in place of the hilt warping (honestly, it seems like you've seen bleach ;3) she/he/it allready has a chain, why use cloth over steel when you might be wrapping up a full stack Cho'Gath the size of a tower?
or just ignore the warping entirely and focus more on the floating skulls that are in his lore, have those shoot out and briefly animate their rotting corpse to do it instead of random souls/corpse ;3

Also, the E... dos this mean if your hp is lower, % wise, you pull them and when it's higher you're pulled/charge in? (would also make it so that if its even it dos one or the other to prevent bugs, but this is more of an idea if riot picks this champ up)
Neat idea, while it gives it a complication it also gives a nice bit of double threat, a weakened Guillotine can drag you into a teammate or tower, giving him/her/it a reason to stick around at low hp, BUT if the other champ has even lower HP it can make Guillotine drag him/her/itself into the other team, giving the other teams weakened champions a reason to stick around at low HP, and to run into one of Guillotine's abilities so the weakened Guillotine basically kills itself!

Very nice from a meta game stand point :3

... this said, please make sure to copy/past the champion details into the thread in the future... most ppl will give your deviantart a hit when looking to see what he/she/it looks like anyways and it's annoying to have to change tabs.
I would wager that forcing ppl to look at the deviant art page actually turns ppl off and is lessening the number of hits you're getting. Just a word of advice. ;3

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Altair Flame

Junior Member


yes with the e I mean having to decide from a tactical point of view whether you wanna go dive in after that last kill or pull someone into your team to get a kill at the risk of dieing :P

I like your ideas btw, will probably change it again.