My Wukong Dominion Build and results

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I main Wu kong and 2 other assassins as well I can share my build since ive been changing Wu Kong's build ever since I was a newbie (I probably still am) -I play him in Dominion A lot
Runes - Armor Pen - Reds
Armor Pen - Quints
Armor - Yellow
Magic Resis per Level - glyphs
(Be Weary, the more per level runes you have, the better, many tie with flat runes at level 6-8 and you'll be levelin to 6 1-2min into the dominion game

Boots - Mercs - if your facing rammus (taunt) Allistar (Stun) Lux (Stun)
Or the Cooldown boots - just makes you cast more since ur mp cost is low
Brutalizar - CD, Armor pen to mix with those runes brah - Turns into Ghost blade if game goes over 20min
Last Whisper - If tearing the game apart with your team
If im not tearing the place, Id rush a Giant's Belt, mix it with some armor, turn it into frozen mallet
Between choice, Atma's - When frozen m obtained, Last whisper - if their team is tank
Finishing off with some Life steal (Or get the sanguine first to take the game away)
Your atma's gives a little def, if they got heavy ap, get the negatrons or anything that'll help
- I dont know if Tri force is good, I kinda dropped that since It took too long to build xD tell me if it works better than my build

Combine the Q WIth Last Whisper, Armor pen Runes, and Frozen mallet, It should be a little easier to tear carries apart, dont focus tanks thats not wu's job
- All Wu players ( in Dom) are good with a good team, I've seen my wu friends only excel with good teams