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Regarding the benchmark fix for no sound issue

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By searching the forum I found out that changing the framerate option to benchmark fixed the rare no sound bug when playing a game. But I have a question, what is the difference between the benchmark option compared to the other framerate options?

Another weird thing I noticed is that when playing with no sound, the FPS gain is quite huge. I had a 15-20 framerate boost in the game while I had no sound. My PC is quite ancient, 6 years with a 97' Realtek Audio soundboard but I find it quite weird that the sound/music in the game makes such a big difference in framerate.

Is this normal or is it some kind of a bad optimization. Is there a way to decrease the quality of the sound in order to make the game run smoother?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you using Windows XP?

If I remember correctly Windows XP Audio was/is essentially a process, which can use up resources.

As for the difference, benchmark is unrestricted in terms of Frames Per Second, This is probably counter-balanced by V-Sync, but essentially I believe that's what the difference.