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my idea for new champion, look and comment

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i have nothing to do on lessons, so i was thinking about new champion (please, dont comment my painting style ) i dont know how to name him, so let`s call him x : hextech gunner
His skills and normal attacks drains "battery", not mana, not hp, not energy, just battery
Passive: normal attack deals Magic damage based on ability power
1.Swing- swing gun to hit target into air, stunning it for a while
2.Collect- Collect the energy around (x) to recharge battery
3.Burn- fire affects (x) normal attacks, burning target
4.Bomb(ult)- (x) accumulate the energy infront of his gun, and shoots into location, pushing targets back( same effect as gargas explosive cask)

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Always good to see people wanting to contribute to the game, but you may want to put this over in the champion feedback forum. This is more for new players to ask questions.