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Dominion is Capture and HOLD!!

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I'm really a fan of Dominion so far. But, it does heavily depend on teamwork and strategy. What I'm noticing (and I really hope this gets fixed over time as people learn) is that many people fail to understand the concept of capture and HOLD. Instead, they think it's all about capture (and lose), capture (and lose), capture (and lose), OR they spend the whole game chasing enemy champions around the middle of the map.

I've been trying to work out strategy with my teams in each game, and my strategy is this... Hold 3 (including the Windmill) and win. It's not that hard to grasp. But, I still find many people will not bother defending points. Instead, they somehow think it's appropriate to capture the enemy bottom point across the map rather than defending any of our points. Hey guys, it doesn't help to lose 2 points while capturing the bottom point right next to the enemy base. Just sayin'.

Anyone else frustrated with bad strategy decisions from teammates, which end up losing the game for your team? How do you handle these situations? Do you think this level of stupidity will go away as people become more familiar with the strategy involved with Dominion?