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Anyone else have trouble connecting to Dominion

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The game keeps locking me out. I had to relog three times last game. We managed to come back, even though I was laggy as hell, and they had only 2 points left. Then the game disconnects again. When the 'do you want to reconnect' box appears, I click yes, and it immediately says I have been disconnected. It's as if the timeout is half a second, not saying that's the issue, but if you set the connection to timeout after .5 seconds you would see the same symptoms.

There was a teammate that was constantly disconnecting as well, so I doubt it's just me.

Previously, I got the black screen at champion select. When people started dodging, the screen never returned to the home screen, and i had to relog. Everything seemed fine after that, until about 1:00 into my game.