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Domion is boring

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well i guess you saw the title and ran in here to put your downvote in (dont care) this is my opinion downvote all you like. i understand this is a new thing and you 12 yr olds with your computer rage like to be hip with the new, untill this is somewhat older everyone of you are going to rant about how good this is.

For those of you who arnt obsessed with the new thing in town running off the hype of a highly marketed colourful in your face gametype ive played 3 games of dominion won all 3 of them, honestly didnt enjoy them very much and ive noticed how the gameplay is just go all rambo dont worry about team comp, the game has no real death penatly, defending your nodes really doesnt do too much and getting kills really doesnt matter, now i will explain what i mean,

dieing gives basicly no gold to the enemy gives them a 10-30 second advantage of no presence from you which really doesnt matter seing as most fights are 1-3 per team with the other two either dead or backdooring your node,

defending your nodes really doesnt matter its more effective to go cap one of their nodes while they are distracted becuase often your too far away and or lack team assistance or dont need to worry becuase your team has outnumbered them or they are running off to cap another node.

getting kills barely matters becuase you will generally get alot of assisted kills giving you even less gold, still slightly an advantage but in the long run id say 75 percent of your gold and xp comes from doing nothing

team comp is the only way to win, you can be incredibly bad at this game and still do fine due to the fact that your playing jax or rammus or some other character with 1 v 1 capabilities,

Summary: (read this if you dont want to read the rest) all in all i think the gametype isnt very good i mean i do aplude the work put into it, it is a wonderful map with great features but im just pointing out the downside which is, its fairly skill less, yes a good team is going to steamroll oponents but the main thing is theres no real point to defending, which is what domination i mean dominion should be all about, in fps you cap 2 points and hold them scoring points while the enemy assaults you trying to take them from you, here its just take points over and over becusae the enemy has too many routes to take to backdoor you and you wont have time to defend a back door, so its just a game of 3 people stick together pushing while the other 2 just constantly b door and or 1 v 1 the other teams back doorers or just run and hide becuase they are better at 1 v 1.