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My thoughts. Dominion is awesome.

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Jigglypuff LVL9

Senior Member


Sure, everyone knows that basically, if you need mana to kill more than two people, that character probably isn't that good in dominion.

Sure, a lot of people are complaining that rammus is op because he can move really fast....(rammus is still a joke IMO...lolz)

But let's look at it a bit differently, dominion is a completely new game, its NOT the LoL we knew before, where you just had to push a lane, maybe gank a few people, and break a nexus to be good. This is something new, and with that, different champions will be able to shine in ways that they couldn't before.

I can see why people don't like it, I main annie, and i refuse to even touch her in dominion because i know it won't compare to her in the rift, so I'll just stick to Kog'maw, or someone lulzy for fun (heimer anyone?).

I guess my point, is quit thinking this is summoners rift. Throw everything you knew out the window, because its not the same in this game. Should you be upset that some characters are better than others? Not really, if that's the case, play summoners rift or learn someone new.