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Rod of Ages

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The charge time on Rod of Ages makes it lackluster on Dominion. Unless you rush it, the thing won't charge until the last few minutes of battle. If you don't rush it, then it will probably never get fully charged.

RoA is a core tanky option for many AP champion because Rylai's is inefficient on them. Champions with innate snares/stuns like Morgana and champions with few offensive spells like Zilean have very little use for Rylai's slow, making it a suboptimal item.

The only new AP item for the Crystal Scar is the Hextech Sweeper, and while this is a very nice item, it doesn't add nearly as much durability as Rod of Ages provided.

A lot of people are complaining that many mages are rather unappealing in the Crystal Scar, and I think this is partly due to the fact that AP survivability is both more critical than on SR and harder to acquire than on SR.

AD champions got a replacement for Bloodthirster because it was ineffective on Dominion... do you think AP champions should get a replacement for RoA?