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Leavers on dominion

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I have seen a few good idea's about this I like and some I dislike , just wondering other peoples opinion on the matter.... cause we all know a 4v5 is always a lost to the team with the 4.. unless you have the best op team comp and playing vs first timers.

The idea's I have seen and like about leavers in dominion are that if your team happens to get one of these annoying disconnected teammates is that the leaver is punished with a leaver mark sooner then 20 mins as it is in SR, say 5-10 mins cause dominion games are normally 15-20 and are much much faster 4v5 due to the huge handicap.

Issues people have with this are what if my net crashes or something they don't have control over like a storm knocks there net out they have to restart there router, windows updates auto restarted your computer ect and " I dont deserve a leave I couldn't control it" ect whiny people.... I have one thing to say to that. it'll take about 10-15 mins for you to get back to the game and by then it's already over and you cant help your team win. and coming back will just piss them off even more cause you don't get punished for making the game un-fun for them and a lose. and riot has a system in place to forgive these leavers if it those issues that caused your leaver mark.

Other idea's I have seen are stuff like for every leaver on the team, the affected team should get a bonus or at-least something they can accept that makes this 100% lose to something like SR where if they play really well they might be able to win yay. like for every leaver they get a 5%-15% dmg bonus or defensive bonus, or it's a little harder to capture there points or easier for them to capture enemy points. Also saw people suggesting that your exp shouldn't go up if you disconnect but instead should go to your screw'd 4 teammates and they get a level advantage. like the solo lane would from a leaver in SR, that gives them the chance to win...

Few things about these suggestions a dmg bonus or def bonus might make you to hard to kill and very unstoppable but is something to look into maybe? the capture rate bonus idea doesn't seem that bad at all, might give you a better chance at capture points from the other teams strength in numbers. exp bonus to the 4 renaming team mates could ruin the game. I have seen a few disconnects that come back within 2-4 mins and the game goes smoothly cause they have all the money and exp they would of got if they were there.

So with this being said, anyone else have any other idea's or opinion's to the already existing ideas??