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Riot drooling at Dominion early success?

YES 3 42.86%
NO 1 14.29%
MAYBE 0 0%
$$$$$ 3 42.86%
Voters 7 .

Riot drooling?

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How many here believe that Riot is currently salivating at the response they are getting from the community regarding Dominion? I mean let's be honest at approximately 75 percent of players who tried it has requested for extended play time.

Dominion is going to revolutionize the way gamers think about the MOBA genre. In such Creativity, Flexibility, and Ingenuity will still lead the gaming market.

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Best Atheist NA

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Not sure how much success means for an F2P game, but yeah, most people seem to like it. Are people going to go out spend more money on RP for new champs or skins? Doubt it.