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Dominion: Strategy and Guide Overview

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Hey guys, now that the Beta testing has past and we've seen a lot of gameplay at the Crystal Scar, there is a lot of anxiety and frustration over the choice of champion, choice of items/summoners and overall gameplay strategy. I hope what this guide will do is help everyone to get a general sense of the dynamics of Dominion and how NOT to get completely dominated.
There are already many threads looking into this but I think they fail to cover all the important topics and ideas that are essential to understand to play Dominion, so I thought I'd work on a thread that covers pretty much everything.

First of All:
Gametype - Dominion is a completely new game mode where all the dynamics of normal, laning gameplay has been completely erased. No farming of minions or Uber Special Kill Streak Overpoweredness Champion facerolling is going to get you TOO far ahead of the opponent. This game type is much more focussed on strategy and teamplay, giving preorganised and Skyped up teams a huge advantage in the game.

Gamemode criticisms - I am not going to say whether this decision is good or not, as this is only a guide for gamemode differences (not gamemode choices), but comments are welcome on this matter. A lot of people seem to be enjoying it, though, as you can see in this video of SlyFoxHound & CupQuake in the Beta testing


I saw this on another thread and i think it's very useful for explaining separate roles as jungling and ganking is very hard to do

A Tanky DPS with decent sustain (ww, xin, udyr ect.). This Role stays on the visible part of the map and tries to defend / attack two to three points as best as he can.

The Runner in Dominion takes CV (!very importaint, because there are no wards!) and pushes the points where the Pusher isnt pushing but doesnt bother about defending.

A champion with either alot of sustain or a big AoE he can cast frequently.
The Guardian tries to defend one to two points as best as he can versus multible enemys, he needs garison.
Since its enough to do SOME dmg to champions to stop them from captureing the guardian doesnt need to do alot of dmg.

Guardian II
Can also run to the middle to make sure buffs are secure, needs be pretty hard to kill as well to avoid getting ganked too much.

(I've added this to emphasise how important it is to make sure the jungle is clear of potential ganks and backdoors)

Ninja (can someone come up with a better name plz? )
A champion with decent defensive values and alot of movement speed (Rammus).
He tries to capture undefended points and avoid being detected as much as possible.

Helps the Pusher, takes CV and Garrison.
Good if he has a ability wich can heal or give the Pusher sustain in any way.

Has to be as annoying as possible.
eg. start captureing random points, then leave and start captureing another point.
Should have a skill to isolate someone (counter guardian).

Thread found at (http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=412467)
if you want to go check it out

The roles of Ninja and Runner are pretty much the same, pushing and disrupting wherever possible. You can also check the thread out for possible champions to use as these roles.

Flaws - This overview is nice and it gives a good picture of what roles you might expect to see in Dominion.
However, please understand that the game dynamic changes all the time
If you're constantly spread out, doing your separate jobs, it's very easy for the enemy to simply group up and assassinate each member of your team one by one.
So you need to know when to spread out and when to group up

When you have almost no points captured, you need to get a quick foothold and smash through their defense. This is relatively easy as ducking in and out of "Fog Of War" is much easier without the thicker jungle next to lanes. Group up and try to head all the way through to the Windmill, taking some points and gaining control of the buffs.

When you are dominating, e.g. over three points captured, you can spread out into your separate fields of expertise, some defending, some attacking and some controlling the middle of the field. I've seen teams come back from a 20 to 200+ game and win the match. When you're dominating, you can easily lose sight of objectives and group coordination is lost

In general, You want to travel in two or three groups, always moving and attacking the enemy. The position of two groups allows a sort of protection from their whole team pushing on one isolated group, having two or three players in a group is better than one lonely guy.

Windmill - The five capture points are spaced on the map so that two are on the bottom, with three on the top, the WindMill being the uppermost spot.
The windmill is probably the most important checkpoint of all, as it sits in the middle (relatively speaking) of the map. It's important as this effectively gives you reasonable control over the Greater Runes, or whatever they're called which helps immensely, like a golem or lizard buff.

Quests - Quests change the game dramatically, giving the team an idea of what they might want to do next to advance. What I've seen in quests, they comprise of both teams being given a point to capture. These points are actually on opposite sides and this way, not only can you capture your point/quest, you can also inhibit theirs. You would want a party of three to capture your point and two players to go and disrupt the enemy's point, hopefully backed by minions. Even though those two will die, they will die for the benefit of the team, meaning they also get something in return for their bravery. Also, the enemy team will be pushe further behind yours as they reach their goal later, if not at all. Getting that little boost is all you need to win and crush the enemy.

Minions - Minions play a relatively tiny role in Dominion as each capture point only creates three of them. However, building a large creep wave will help immensely to push the "lane", especially with the help of Promote

Summoners - As far as I know, Rally and Fortify have been removed, though I'm not sure if there are any more that have been removed as well. If so, let me know down below (as nicely as possible ). I DO know that two new summoners have been incorporated called Garrison and Promote.

Garrison buffs your tower/s and gives it better stats. Not sure if it also gives it more defense. However, the towers in Crystal Scar seem to hit softer than the usual towers in normal maps. This makes it a lot easier to tower dive and so, garrison MIGHT not be AS useful.

Promote buffs a superminion to help push a certain turret. These superminions seem relatively similar to the ones on summoners rift.
I'm still a little sketchy on these points as it's pretty hard to get this information just by watching videos, however, we see from this that buffs are extremely important ingame. Not only from shrines, but also from support characters like janna or sona.

Supports - Many people claim that supports will play no role in Dominion as it all boils down to guerilla warfare and a little buff isn't going to save you from three champions raping your delicate face. Though, getting in that sort of situation will take a lot of stupidity which im sure won't happen......right guys? Buffs are incredibly important, helping to push those mini lanes and swaying teamfights to your favour. Janna's speed boost is amazing for those fast Caps and helps in such a fast-paced game. Shields from Lux and Karma can also be used as well because of one special reason.....

Crystal Scar AURA - You'll notice that the Crystal Scar gives all players a Armour and MR penetration buff. This will mean that Carries will hit harder and tanks need more buffs to be able to stay alive. Shields will work incredibly well because the aura will probably not apply to that shield.....hopefully :P Just try it out and see!!!

FOW - Fog Of War is very interesting in Dominion. Usually, in Summoners Rift or Twisted Treeline, you cannot see any of the opposing side. However, with Dominion, you can automatically see ALL the capture points and the BASIC laning areas in the circular ring that joins all the capture points. This makes MAP AWARENESS incredibly OP
that is all

Items - Oh no, so many have been taken out, so many have been put in. It makes the game crazy, but it doesn't affect the gameplay TOO much. One thing to note is that Oracles is A LOT more expensive and lasts alot less. This lets champions like Teemo and Evelyn a hell of a lot more viable as countering them is really, really costly. Also, Wards have been removed!!!!!!!

Now comes my favourite part - Telling you which champions are OP

Teemo - SHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS. NOW THAT SIGHT WARDS ARE GONE, HIS SHROOMS ARE WAY TOO OVER POWERED (ha) Teemo is now officially the manager of the Crystal Scar, inspecting his territory with the knowledge of the land like the back of his hand (OOH, THAT RHYMES XDXD), with his Move Quick giving him a huge speed buff and Mushrooms giving your side a huge advantage in map awareness. Also helps with chases where they step on Shroom after Shroom after Shroom.
I cannot stress how much his shrooms help, with the jungle area of the crystal scar being almost half the size of the tangled forest in Summoners Rift. Also great in laning!!! XD
You might say that Caitlyn, with her traps are also good. I would respond with a resounding YES, then say that Teemo is still better, simply because of his Move Quick <3
The only problem is Teemo's squishiness, so you wanna get your Move Quick (2) and your Blinding Dart(1) first as blinding dart helps to stop DPS enemies shredding you on the first run.
Also, something ninja which you can try with his epic passive is after capturing a point and seeing the enemy team coming for you, simply dive into the bush and wait. There will probably be around 3 or so champions, way too many for you to take on. However, simply by hiding in a bush and pressing H (for Hold) and not immediately auto attacking, you can simply re-capture the point when they walk off ...Simple...
Other than that, he's broken the Crystal Scar

Rammus - Corporate Mundo can get fired because if Teemo is the manager, Rammus is the CEO. They say that a team that has a jungler in Summoners Rift will increase the chance of them winning the match. I say that having a Rammus will increase the chance of YOU winning the match. He is another character that has broken the game, firstly get his Q ability making him the fastest character in the game.
What to do - take Q (1) and put two points anywhere else and head straight for Windmill via the speed shrine. The brilliant thing about this is that by the time the enemy team gets to you, you will pretty much have captured that point, immediately giving your team the upper hand. As he is also very beefy, he acts as an off tank, synergising well with his taunt and shield.. This will draw tower aggro and with a good garrison and ULT, it's almost a guaranteed kill :P
Basically, he can act as ALL the above roles, being the most useful champion to grace the battlefields of the Crystal Scar

(Renekton) - A good DPS/TANK champion that I notice the RIOT employees have been favouring in all their matches between each other.

Carry/Tank/Support Groups - All groups should have at least ONE carry and a SUPPORT or TANK. You can sometimes break this when you're trying to create a diversion, very useful for pushing down a line of points. This will mean sending up Beefy DPS characters to delay the enemy while SONA and some carries are pushing Bot. Use this carefully as this CAN backfire, resulting in your carries dying quickly in a 5v3 skirmish...

Capture Stacks - Teams can only stack their capture/destruction rate to TWO POINTS /second. This means that even if you have 4 points captured and they had none, it would be the same as you having 3 places captured and them having one. This lets the other team catch up and make their own push, which usually results in a complete switch over to the other side.

Turning Of The Tide (devastation) - THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST AVOID, too many people don't know what to do when they've captured the majority of the points on the screen, choosing to capture that last place on the map, but not sure how. This gives the enemy team a big chance to backdoor your team through the jungle, resulting in a complete switch over of capture points. A very good way to avoid this is to have two people roaming the jungle, trying to see if anyone is trying to be sneaky sneaky. Not many people do this as they forget that farming minions and staying in lane is pointless. Better to wait it out in the jungle than lose the game.

Turning Of The Tide (omg, we're actually winning?) - THAT SAME THING APPLIES IF YOU'RE LOSING. With the enemy team pre-occupied with getting that last checkpoint, you can lead your teammates through the jungle and do a backdoor of your own and watch as the health of their Nexus gets lower and lower

Overall Goals -

  • You must constantly switch from attacking to capturing to defending
  • You can die for the sake of capturing another point, so long as it doesn't give the enemy a HUGE advantage
  • TRY not to die, as time away from the battlefield gives the enemy more time to push, but sometimes dying for your team can be useful

If you have suggestions, opinions or ideas, I would be glad to hear it!!!
Oh, and please don't quote me on anything XD

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good long read

apparently no one else read it =/

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Defender - Focuses on holding the 2 points nearest to your base, especially bottom
Miller - Captures and Holds the Mill
Runner - Mobile Champion that focuses on capping, however has the mobility to assist Defenders and Millers
Pusher - Focuses on attempting to take the enemies bottom turrets

Disrupter would be a sub role of Runner and Supporter probably a sub role to Defender

Defenders need to have a good way to interrupt, need to be good at surviving and need to be able to kill champions

Millers need to be mobile, but also very good at killing enemies and defending. Their job is simple, take the mill and hold the mill

Runners mainly need to be as mobile as possible with high capture rate, having good escapes also help but arent mandatory

Pushers their goal is to keep the pressure on the bottom turret high, this opens the way for your Runners (and potentially Millers) to capture the enemies Mid, and forces the enemy to change their roles (give up attempting to take your Mid/Mill because they need help Bot)
---They are also probably the only one on the list that will score a high creep score, since the high traffic of the enemies Bot prevents them from carelessly rush to take the turret, thus giving them some time to farm. They need to have a bit of everything and especially helps if they have good long range pokes and are good at killing Defender classes. It also helps being a champion with strong aoe, as this one is most likely to see a team battle

Quests Completing a quest instantly damages the enemies Nexus by 20 and gives your team a damage buff, so they should not be ignored, but at the same time you should not give away everything to complete one. Letting the enemy capture all your turrets so you can successfully complete the quest is a bad gambit.
While quests can appear anywhere they are most commonly found among the 2 bottom turrets, this begins to emphasize the need for Defenders and Pushers

Points Points do not significantly matter until they are almost zero, and even then it can swing very wildly to either side. Dont get comfortable because you took a 100 point lead, it literally means nothing.

Just before the enemy Nexus is destroyed (around the 25% mark) they stop losing points for the majority of things in this game, it becomes that the only for the enemy to lose points is to hold the towers, meaning its VERY easy for an enemy team to make a comeback at 25% even if you are at 90%
Once you take an advantage dont get cocky, play it safe and keep your guard up. Having the entire team push to take the enemies remaining towers will merely leave you open for Runners to take your undefended back towers


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i'm a summarize my observations and strategy.
Form what i can tell, there's three main roles people can take when trying to find a meta or become organized.

Defenders: champions with AoEs and hard to kill. They should take skills like garrison.

as you described, ninjas or snipers just going around with Priscilla's Blessing taking undefended points.

Attackers: self explanatory.

There's also the teemo and shaco class. boxes/shroom spamnear health packs or speed boost platforms for an easy surprise kill. They usually take on the ninja/sniper role as well.

The key to winning in solo queue is basically weighing your options on a cost and benefit type of thinking. As you know, right now dominion is pretty random, when it is, a person can pretty much take on any role that is most beneficial at the current time.

I got idea for a strategy where 3-4 atkers on top would take promote. dono how effective it'll be.

I also agree, teemo is freaken OP here.

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its way to much to just say defender.... runner, etc etc... read 1/4 of it... stuff people should be geting at by now.. at least i hope.