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Post-Patch Udyr Guide

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I took a cursory glance at existing Udyr guides and from what I can see the old ones have not been updated and there are no new guides for Udyr, who apparently people think is terrible now.

So I suppose it falls to me to make a guide.


Udyr was the third character I tried, and I loved him. After this I tried maybe another half-dozen toons and hated them all. I love udyr. And to say I main him would be an enormous understatement.

The Patch

Was a buff, not a nerf, or at the very least a change. No argument will sway me from this position so don't bother posting them here.

Now before you start reading the actual build, keep in mind that there is no reason to get a locket if you have soraka and somebody else with a heal on your team.

Jungle Udyr


The only safe way to do this is with 21/-/-, with one in sprint. The other 8 don't matter so much.


I have no doubt there are a slew of rune pages that would be very effective. Armour would get the job done, or health, but you always always need all your blues to be progressive CD (cooldown) runes. I use 3 move quints and have a page of 20% attack speed/10% crit chance, and one of dodge and crit chance.


Smite and Sprint, no exceptions.


1- Phoenix
2- Turtle
3- Turtle
4- Tiger
5- Turtle
6- Bear
7- Turtle
8- Tiger
9- Turtle
10- Tiger
11- Bear
12- Tiger
13- Bear
14- Tiger
15- Bear
16- Bear
17- Phoenix
18- Phoenix

If lategame you need to farm as opposed to chasing people down, get phoenix instead of bear, but the movement speed makes you very dangerous later on. Dump it only if you really really need to farm.

GEAR/early jungle walkthrough

Cloth armour, 5 pots. Wait for golem to spawn. Lead with smite and activate your first pot the moment he hits you. Spam phoenix whenever its ready. As soon as you're done with him and his buddies move to the jungle creeps right next to you. Keep activating pots as soon as the last one ends. Then cross the lane to the wraiths. After your 4th attack (phoenix proc) switch to turtle or you wont survive this. Your smite should be finishing just as the wraiths drop. Run past the lizard to the next set of jungle creeps, take them out, use your smite. Sprint to the enemy jungle golem-side, and take out their creeps. At this point you MAY be able to kill their golem as well if you've been lucky and not taken many crits. Do so if you can and recall.

Ninja tabi- At this point go back to your own jungle golem-side and rekill the creeps, then back to your own lizard-side. If you've landed a gank by this point you'll likely be strong enough to take lizard, if not kill the creeps on this side to level before going for him. Then if you didnt kill golem before recalling go do it now.

That is the end of formal jungling. At this point start saving your sprint for ganks, or for getting to good ganks, and use smite in the lanes to farm up gold.

Catalyst the protector
Mana Manipulator
Ennervating Locket

Heart of Gold
Wardens Mail
Randuin's Omen OR Guardian Angel OR Force of Nature

If the team has 4 autoattackers without many magic dmg, get the omen. If they have a good mid, get the guardian angel, if they're slanted magic, get force of nature. Fairly simple.

After you have your locket and a major armour piece you may want to switch out your tabi for some merc treads depending on how much disable they have.

At this point the item to get depends entirely on the opposing team (and yours). If the enemy has a lot of squishies, get an infinity edge. If the team has a lot of tanks get a last whisper. If your team needs a tank get another armour piece, or something like a frozen mallet. If you dont know what to get, buy triforce.

A few item sets i find work well after locket/armour:

Infinity edge, phantom dancers, thornmail (against squishy/autoattack team)

Madred's Bloodrazors, Bloodthirster, (against a tanky team)

Force of Nature, Sunfire Cape, Thornmail (when you're the tank)

Non-Jungle Udyr. There are several reasons you wouldnt want to jungle, even if you brought smite. They have an eve, another jungler, a karthus, or you just dont feel like it. If you do lane there are only a couple small changes to make.

Masteries are whatever you want, same with runes, i usually run 0/9/21 or 9/0/21 with crit chance and attack speed, move quints. Keep sprint but switch smite out for cleanse/flash/exhaust/ignite (cleanse isnt the obvious choice anymore now that the wait is 150)

Unless they have a heavily cc team ninja tabi arent super great on udyr anymore, so in a lane boots of swiftness/merc treads/beserker greaves are all better choices imo. Start the game with boots of speed, 2 health pots and a mana pot. You may want to get your catalyst before finishing your boots, or at least one of the gems for it. They are huge buffs early game. Also, in the lane you dont really need phoenix as your first pick. Take turtle, or bear if you're with a dps-er and you're hoping for a first blood.

How to Play
Udyr is an alright laner, but he really needs somebody who can harass, or somebody to do all the tanking for him. Don't worry too much about getting kills or even really dealing out damage for the first few levels/items, its not worth it and you'll lose more often than not. Once you've got bear and your tiger and turtle prices are down to reasonable levels, you can do the harassing yourself by charging with bear, hitting them with tiger and dipping with turtle. This doesnt happen until you're level 5/6 and have a catalyst though.
At some point before level 10 make sure you grab one of the buffs. Lizard lets you gank very effectively and golem lets you stay in the lane forever, so take your pick. Be warned though, that you will very likely be the weakest link until you get your locket.

From this point on applies to jungle udyr as well

Midgame your job is to push turrets and keep them from being pushed. Depending on the flow of the game this could be a 5-15 minute period, but its the transition into teamfights where ganking is common but the lanes are still running relatively independently. You will not be scoring kills at this point, but what you are good at is hurting towers, and punishing enemies for pushing your own. Jump into lanes where creep waves are advancing to push, and jump in wherever your allies are losing.

Lategame you have 4 very specific functions:

1) Saving your teammates' butts. If that yi is bearing down on your ashe and she's running for her life, you need to stun that yi. If ashe dies it is YOUR FAULT. I'm going to go to a new paragraph for this next part because its so important.


If you are jungling you will have two carries. Both of them have level advantages and both of them likely have kill streaks by lategame, which means enemies will get way way more for killing them than you. You may be on a killing streak also, but if locket udyr is on a killing streak you've won already. Anyway. Save the squishies.

2) WTFnuking. Nobody really expects a nuke from udyr. But now tiger is x3 dmg. so a crit is x6 dmg. so if you get an infinity edge it becomes x7.5 dmg. Thats a lot of F**king damage. Since you only need one hit to get this damage off, in teamfights you chill at the front of the team. You are the primary mover on your team's side of a push-pull 5v5 teamfight. If their tank moves a bit too far forward, run up, stun him before he can hit you, tiger him, get away. You have infinite mana and he just took between 300 and 1000 damage. In this way you can aggravate the other team into surrendering their squishier characters into range because they want to move forward and the tanks arent cutting it.

3) Constant healer. 50 health and 20 mana every 3 seconds. By endgame you can (and should) change stances (CONSTANTLY). A good carry ranged dps, a tank and this udyr can take run after run after run on a lane, and there is nothing the enemies can do about it.

4) DPS hunter. In a free-for-all melee teamfight. Your job is to hunt down their squishy dps. If they have an eve or twitch get an oracles and chase them right away from that fight. They could dish out more damage than you ever could, but if you catch them they're way past dead. Don't leave the fight though, once the toon you chased is far enough away it will take them a few seconds just to get back into range, go back and help kill the tanks. Remember your locket doesnt help anybody if you're not with the group.

Well thats it i suppose. Feel free to ask any questions and if I think of anything else I'll throw it up. Hope people find this helpful.

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Good stuff, Bumping for muh buddy!


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Wrong account, *BUMP*!!


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Jamie Fawley

Senior Member


nice guide, was looking for a more recent one since the patch

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Senior Member


Sounds like I have to try this! I have been playing a mean Pantheon and Udyr combo with a buddy of mine. Probably one of the most favorite lane combos besides a gragas and janna.

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Junior Member


Ya since the patch all the udyr's Ive been with have been largely unhelpful but this build is a great way to make him a power house around mid to late game,

give it a try and be patient in early game

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Like the guide, sounds like a great build

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I don't agree with boots first when in lane.

Just doesn't help with lane staying power.

Against tough lanes where characters will punish you for creeping, I'd prefer having some extra health or regen. So doran's shield or red crystal would be my choice item.

I know turtle helps for brushing off a lot of harassement, but I think the extra +100 health will help more in a lane fight then the extra MS from boots. Especially if you're packing ghost anyway and maybe have bear up.
Does your skill order change at all when laning? I think turtle would be better to start with or an opportunity with bear might arise for first blood.

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so many infos are wrong, just to name one.
"But now tiger is x3 dmg. so a crit is x6 dmg. so if you get an infinity edge it becomes x7.5 dmg."

tiger stance splits 1 attack to 3 meaning each deal 1/3 damage and only the 1st hit crits... how do you get your 6X DAMAGE and 7.5X DAMAGE-OMFG