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(Champ Suggestion/Concept) Steam pirate

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The Concept: Idea behind the Steam Pirate is a champion who is swift as in keeping with the mobility concept of the other Bilgewater captains. Excels at leading his team on alpha strikes against the opposite team. I really like the concept of steam punk and thought what if we had a steam punk based pirate.

Concept suggestion I tried to come up with was a champion who is good on his own, but is rewarded for coordinating team work. I'm not good at building numbers so all numbers are to aide in the understanding of how the champ might work. His main mechanic feature is disrupting damage and punishing those who do less straight up damage than he does.

When reading keep in mind this guy is using a chainsaw.

Champion: SaltSaw the Steam Pirate

Role of this champ is melee jungle assassin, with abilities that allow him to support his team.

Lore: For most Sailors of Bilgewater owning a ship and sailing the sea's is a life long dream. For Saltsaw it was never the sea that beckoned him it was the sky. After witnessing a zeppelin from Piltover fly over the Blue Flame Islands, his only thought has been acquiring his own air ship to captain. Flying over Valoran meeting new people, seeing exotic sights, then plundering and killing them to his hearts content.

Contacting corporations in Zaun he entered a bargain to plunder rival competitor ships while helping protect Zaun trading interests. For his efforts his employer would pay him for captured cargo and build him his dream ship. Eventually he got the ship he killed and plundered so hard to get. To celebrate he lead a plunder along the boarder of Piltover acquiring many gifts for his Zaunite employers. As he returned to Zaun, his zeppelin was hit by a barrage of hextech rockets from Piltover defenses. Barely afloat Saltsaw managed to get his air ship to the boarders of Zaun where a critical malfunction caused the ship to crash on its shores.

Barely alive he crawled from wreckage of his beloved zeppelin swearing revenge on Piltover before world went dim. Waking up in a Zaunite lab his body was heavily augmented with a customized hextech life support suit. Given a new ship, Saltsaw enters the league on behalf of his Zaunite employers interests, and a new place to unleash his terror.

Abilities: All of the abilities cost mana I just haven't assigned any numbers yet.

Passive ability "Steam Tyrant": Whats a ship Captain with out his crew, they make plundering so much easier. For each Ally near to Saltsaw he gains a bonus to attack damage.

+3 to attack damage per a ally near Saltsaw. Bonus increases to +6 at level six, +9 at level eleven, +12 at level sixteen.

Ability one Steam Storm
: If the conditions of plundering aren't right you make your own. SaltSaw opens all his cooling vents creating a large cloud made of steam to cover his teams approach.

Activate: Vents a large amount of steam for 7 seven seconds covering a large area. Allies, and Saltsaw inside the cloud don't show up on the mini map for the enemy team, and allies have movement speed increased. Enemies caught inside the cloud are effected by a damage debuff. While this ability is active Saltsaw Steam Storm passive won't trigger and becomes disabled while cooling down.

Area effected might be as far as his passive Steam Tyrant. Important to remember cloud isn't like nocturn if enemy has vision of a area your using this they can visually see you.

Speed buff 3%/5%/9%/12%/15% for Saltsaw and Allies in the cloud.
AD/AP reduction on enemies 4/8/12/16/20

Ability two Rev: Saltsaw Rev's the engine of his chainsaw increasing the speed the blades whirl. This is a activate, his next three attacks are supported by a additional attack that does more damage if the target has less AD.

Way this works is Saltsaw attacks enemy he hits for a regular attack, then second damage hit is applied at the same time. Second hit applies on hit effects, if the enemy has less AD than you half the difference between AD is also applied to the secondary attack.

Secondary attack bonus +15/+25/+35/+45/+55 plus half the difference of AD damage if the target has less.

So if you have 100 AD and target has 50 AD at level one secondary attack would do +15 from bonus +25 which is half the difference in AD to do 40 additional damage.

Ability three Steam Shark:
Once blood shed starts Saltsaw can't stop. Passively healing effects are increased , when activated his attacks gain a leech effect and moves faster towards champions with less AD. Effects are doubled if Saltsaw kills a minion and tripled if he assists or kills a champion.

Passive effect bonus healing effects .5%/1%/1.5%/2%/2.5% (percent bonus based on ap)
Leech effect on activate 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%
Movement bonus on activate +3/+6/+9/+12/+15

Ultimate Ability Massacre: Saltsaw hits a target so hard they are knocked in the air, he uses this time to prepare an attack to rip them apart . His next attack sends 3 shock wave that hunts down enemies.

Way this ability works is Saltsaw knocks a enemy into the air for maybe one second. During one second knock up he starts to channel this ability, so if he becomes disabled during this time his ultimate is canceled. When the target lands he will finish charging and be able to use this ability. If a enemy champ is alone when this is cast shock waves will all focus on them for massive damage. If target has allies around two of the shock waves will go after them.

Knock up damage is equal to Saltsaw attack damage.
Each shock wave does 100/200/300 damage (plus bonus from AP and AD)

Ability thoughts:
My attempt at this concept was to build a champion who works with AD differently than other champs. Where this champion grows stronger in the target has less AD than he has. Also I wanted this champion to benefit more when his team is around, where he literally grows stronger when he has the numbers. Steam Storm allows him and his team to sneak up on unsuspecting allies when enemy least expects it. Imagine running over wards and not showing up on the mini map until your right on top of the enemy. It also plays to his AD mechanic focus allowing him to use it as a debuff even in team fights. Makes roaming with a team mate beneficial for surprise attacks.

Rev exploits his ability to get high AD making him a high priority for AP targets particularly to take him out before he takes them out. Steam shark helps make him able to jungle, making it better for him to quickly kill in his jungle rapidly for bonuses. It also makes him a threat during team fights as he will continue to bonuses to hunt down and mop up enemies as team fights progress His ultimate is meant to act as his main ability for alpha striking. Where if a target is solo they will be punished for being caught alone, effects are less severe if they have a team fight.


My attempt to create a vague idea of his look. All credit goes to image owners.


Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Saltsaw is just a filler name until some thing better comes up. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Junior Member


Interesting idea. I'm always up for another Bilgewater champ!

Although Id give the enemy team the option to block the ult's shockwaves if there is a party of three or more with the attacked champ (like Cait's ult).

Good luck! Tell me what you think of my Bilgewater champ!


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Well I can see the shock waves being scaled back to some thing like each one doing his base damage plus a bonus. Or even less damage then that. It's not a execute more of a opening move for singling out targets and slightly disabling a target at cost of disabling him self.

Personality wise this champ could display boredom when told to move to a location. Even calling the summoner pirate insults as he moves around the map. When he is ordered to attack he expresses joy, even thanking the summoner for sending him to fight.

Would be interesting if he goes on a killing spree he comments on it saying stuff like " Huh, over already?" or laughing loudly.

His death could could have his life support suit rupturing as he yells, this is nothing before dying.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.