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Capture Points Given for Time Channeled Instead of 2 Phases

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This a change I would like to see. If you show up to the node and channel 5 seconds before your helper you shouldn't both earn the same amount of points. So have the points channeled in increments rather than two chunks. You can't increment it per second because multiple allies channel faster and garrison channels faster or slower depending on use offensively or defensively but maybe by percentage: This would allow for partial captures to even have meaning. For example if you channeled 25% and get killed and your ally finishes the rest, at least you would still got 20 points instead of nothing and then your ally also gets 20 for finishing where you left off until neutral or 60 if he takes it all the way to full capture.

EDIT Headline should read percentage channeled.

EDIT 2 Another solution could be making 4 phases instead of 2.