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I was wondering if anyone out there could help give me some advice or help on trying to improve my play. As being in bronze I get that I probably have a lot that I need to improve on so I am open to any suggestions that you think can help me improve.

So for things you will probably need to know, I play support the most because that is what is usually left open and I believe that the support can help the team as much as anyone else. I also play mid and jungle descent. I rarely get to play top mainly because I don't like it, and my ADC is improving but I am not that great at early game last hitting. Also I am the kind of person that will blame myself for something that went wrong a instead of my teammates. I feel that you need the whole team to win the game not have one person carry.

Okay so here are a few things that I know I need to improve on and I am trying my hardest to improve on. First is being aggressive well playing support. I usually like to wait until level 4 before I go in and try anything. Second thing is being more of a leader and being able to convince my team to go for kills, dragons, and Baron. There are many times in ranked where after we get a kill I call for dragon, but we end up pushing and getting picked off. Third being able to get kills in the mid lane. Maybe it is because I play so much support, but when I play mid I am not usually going super aggressive for the kills I wait for a gank or if I know that I will be able to 1v1 them and win. These are the things that I am working on right now and I feel that I have improved a lot. The only problem is that I am still in Bronze. So any advice would be nice.

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I good thing to do is wait for the enemy carry to come for his cs then smack his face while he is busy. It is free damage on the carry and if he wants the cs he HAS to take the hit. Make sure your carry knows how to freeze the lane. If you freeze it in the right spot, the enemy will have to chose between playing dangerously or losing cs. Getting a kill isn't worth as much as you think. Simply sending an enemy back to fountain and denying cs repeatedly will make the carry **** late game. You need to ping about 12 times in bronze to get people to take objectives (looking at dragon). Pushing turret isn't always the best option in bot lane, look up when to push and when not to push.

Try playing off brand supports like ziggs or zed. People don't know how to deal with the heavy harass and tend to lose the lane meaning your carry gets fed on farm and has a safe lane phase while the opposing carry gets crapped on mid/late.