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An Opposition.

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I wanted to write a bit of an opposition to the whole "Dominon requires no skill"

I'll start with saying i have noticed playing with my friends that some of our "Weaker links" we have on our team were doing better then usual but that being said, I think dominion strategy is about coordination as opposed to a much more bread and butter lane phase , gank phase and team fight phase. Dominion is about playing as a Unit and less about getting carried by one or two players , every one in the game can be useful even if they are a bit on the lower skilled side ( Note : you can still tell good players from bad ).

I've been playing Mobas for about 8 years , pretty much since the release of Dota and playing on the same map over and over and over and over for 8 years get's old I'm so glad dominion is coming out because it's a fantastic game mode that requires team coordination and REAL TIME STRATEGY yes you heard me it has an RTS quality , In SR it's all about a pre planned strategy and i also have to say in SR i would have to say about 90 percent of it was getting a solid team composition before the other team does. I feel like since these battles are only 2v2 3v2 it's really allowing Alot more possible team combinations, Hell Pantheon has made a glorious return in this mode and i love it!.

Any ways TLDR
This game mode is more about coordinating as a team moving to objectives slyly capturing a new point as they take an old one and making sure you split your team up to move fast. The game requires you to think on your feet and you need to do so.