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Looking for some help...

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...currently I'm in the 1270-1330 range of ELO in solo ranked...

Things I have noticed with this range of players:
-Jungler seems to have A LOT of influence on how well your team does
-Teams do not ALWAYS have/want a support
-When people lose they seem to blame the jungler(mostly) for not ganking their lane etc.
-People seem not to buy wards as much as they should.
-People want to play carries they don't want to play the champs that do the 'dirty work" that wins games.

Now in season one I was stuck in elo hell with an elo of about low 1100. Right now I'm in a MUCH better level of play.

I want to slowly improve my elo right now my goal is to get to 1400...

I want to jungle, only problem, I can only jungle with lee sin. I've jungled with fid before, but I'm not the best ap player. and lee sin gets banned a lot.

So with lee sin getting banned I'm stuck usually being the tank or support or if I get lucky irelia/gp/ashe/anivia. Only problem I have going support is that I kind of have trust issues when I'm not a carry because of season 1 gameplay. Sometimes as a tank/support if your carries are not the best you can't do anything because their carries are really far into their build.

Talking about my gameplay, I always try to only last hit(except as support), except when trying to push a lane. I sometimes get a little too into farming as a carry, but I usually leave to help team if my opponent also leaves to help. So it would either be a 4v4 or a 5v5. I buy wards if I have like 200 gold I'll buy 2-3 wards even as a carry. if I have 250 I usually buy an elixir.

Now, things I think I need to learn are: a) more junglers b) work on some ap champs other than anivia.

What kind of advice would yall give me to help me with my goal?

Any and all advice will be appreciated.



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At 1433 elo here, but I got a few tips:

A Couple ad junglers that are simply amazing are nocturne and tryndamere. If their ults are well-timed in a team fight, you can reap huge benefits. At the lower brackets, support is definitely not necessary. In 1400 elo you need support because the other team will always have a support. A lot of times if I am doing well -- doesn't matter if I am an ap carry, tank, jungler, whatever - I will probably buy 8-10 wards over the course of the game. When you think about it, 750 gold is a very small price to pay, especially if that means winning 2 teamfights. (4 kills per teamfight) x (2) x (400-500 gold for your team per kill) = 4000 gold. Obviously, paying 750 gold for 4000 gold is a great deal.

You have to consider the team's overall benefit before your own benefit. Small things such as always buying a ward on your first trip back (yes, even if that means you can't complete an item) are huge. For instance, do I get merc treads, or just null mantle and boots and a ward? A ward saves you from dying or potentially allows for a kill, for only 75 gold. If I mid, I have at least 1 ward covering top or bottom of my lane at all times. It gives huge map advantage knowing when the other team is trying to gank and what not.

Summary of huge wall of text:
-Buy wards, lots of them
-Nocturne, Tryn, and possibly Xin for jungling (really depends on what suits your playstyle)
-Morgana, Annie, Brand for ap carries
-Focus on overall benefit of team before personal benefit (i.e. warding baron/dragon if you have the extra money or buying 2-3 pink wards if the other team has a bunch of stealthers)

Good luck!