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Brilliant Game Mode, super fun

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Played my first dozen games of dominion and it was really fun. Unlike solo ranked these games will go by fast, games last around 15-30mins, and you often get very unique comebacks unlike solo ranked games.

The game starts fast with a variety of startegies, so far I've seen and participated in:

1) 2 top, 2 bottom, 1 mid (will assist who is outnumbered)
2) 4 top, 1 bottom
3) 3/2 combo
4) 5 man push top
5) 1 top, 1 bottom, 3 mid

Obviously, the game mode is still fairly new and the "meta-game" has yet to be fully incorporated by players, but it still won't surprise me if multiple strategies are formed depending on hero compositions. Unlike Solo-Ranked, you simply don't get stuck with the same laning compositions game after game after game.

A few potential flaws I noticed.

1) Tanky dps characters dominate the field of dominion, when it comes down to survivability and mobility, these heroes simply own the battle field.

2) Very little room for ranged ad/ranged ap. The problem with ranged ad and ap is that they need to be babysat throughout the game. If you plan on solo-queuing you better partner up with a tank/tough. Since ranged ad/ap are very squishy traveling alone or even attempting to "steal" a point often results in death. Thus, you will find yourself limited in mobility throughout the field.

3) Global ults have an immense impact on the game more so then SR games. Played a team with Karth/Ezreal/Panth/Tf/Udyr and our global ults were basically stopping every single attempt for a tower push.

Overall I really think LoL accomplished something very special here. Its a success!