About points in dominion...

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Azure Drag0n

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I don't understand about points,how can i get a higher score; with doing kills or capturing points and defending them? It seems like kills because i played a dominion game recently and i got 1058 points with riven my stats was 10/9/12 and i had 7 capture 4 neutralize,i had a gangplank as one of my team mates and he got 1318 points, his stats was 19/9/14 and he had 4 capture 3 neutralize (we(with my kog'maw friend)did 2 quest too)Please explain this to me; if i leave capture points and go for the kills am i going to have higher points.Riot you said; "Dominion is not about the kills its about the teamwork and capturing points." if i remember it right.Please change it, kills needed to be the last thing we are thinking about.
(Note:Sorry for my english folks^^)