Dominion - my first impressions

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1. "Your team has captured the Boneyard!" "The enemy team has captured the Windmill!" OK guys, that's really great. Could you possibly tell me where these locations are? I'm a bit busy trying not to get killed to take the time to check out the nice scenery. Yes, that's a very nice picture of a windmill, Johnny. Could you maybe bother me when I'm not trying to avoid having my face smashed in?

2. Characters that get exponentially stronger as the game goes on (i.e. Jax, who I was playing) are horrifically powerful. I think I 1v1ed three people in a row before I could finally cap a tower. Not too sure what you could do about this, but a fully farmed Jax is able to 1v1 anybody. Actually, disregard that, Jax needs buffs. Lots of buffs. He's incredibly underpowered.

3. Rammus + ghost = Seriously what the hell. He was on my team so it was OK, but you should probably look at that (nerfing speed). Maybe have diminishing returns occur sooner and far more harshly.

4. The icons indicating how many points each team holds, plus how many points are neutral, is a bit hard to see. Could you increase their visibility, maybe by making them bigger, glowing squares? "Am I winning? I'll just wait and see whose points go dow -- UH OH BEING GANKED BY 2 PEOPLE AND THEY JUST SUMMONED SPELL EFFECTS AT THE TOP OF MY SCREEN"

5. Actually a really fun game-mode. Thoroughly enjoyable.