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What do i do?

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so i get into a que and the whole team starts yelling calling eachother feeders. Then they all start talkin about how they are gunna feed just so that this one guy dosnt win. im trying to calm things down but they wont listen so do i leave que or just play and hope for the best? With all 3 ppl yelling at eachother and feeding and going afk i dont think i coulda won that anyways so i left que but i you lose elo when you leave a que so should just have stayed and played? If im going to lose elo anyway should i just stay in the que with these ppl, would it be worth it? in my ranked so far iv won 6 lost 8 but only two of these games were good games where the whole team stayed and evryone tried to win, the rest i had leavers and afkrs that gave us the win/ loss. So back to the orriginal question, should i stay in the que if i know the team is going to throw the game and not care or should i just leave and hope for a better team next time? How much elo is lost for a leave vs a loss? and if i do stay in the game what should i be doing to get the win?