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Season Two Pre-Season! Considerations... COMPETITIVE IS COMPETITIVE!

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Before beginning my remarks, I would say that my goal is not to change or show how the work should be done for you. But these are considerations you should take it seriously.

Until then I've always played League of Legends as a distraction because I never had much time to play, my work took a lot of my time and was still finishing my courses. During Season One played regularly, but with a low number daily. What I saw was a huge number of people totally unprepared for this game mode and unfortunately preclude a good performance by the team.

But I'm here to talk about this first week of pre-season and what I saw. So here we go:

After the reset of ELO and dissemination of pre-season, a large number of players that in my completely unqualified opinion cannot even play on Normal mode has migrated into the Ranked mode, thus making our life much more complicated. Today it is normal to see games with leavers or people with unusual and builds without any experience in this way.

Ok, I understand that the RIOT wants to bring more players into the competitive side and also give chances to those who did not get a good link in the previous Season, however, you should also remember the large number of players with ELO High being harmed on their behalf unprepared players that have plagued our games.

And this is just my opinion, several players, including big teams like DanDinh himself stated in his blog. Below is the brief comment:

Since the ELO reset last night, I have played about 4-5 games in ranked. Here are some observations that I have made regarding ranked play that may make you want to play or take a break for a while.

Basically, prior to the reset we had an ELO range from close to 0 all the way to 2550. With 2550 being the absolute highest and 0 the lowest. What that means is, players that were 1600+ would tend to bump in to the same group of recognizable players. However, since the soft reset the rating range got compressed and the new range became 1200-1500.

Here is what the soft reset means for you and I:

  • Queue times are shortened because the pool of players is so much larger in your ELO group.
  • There is a lot more variance in ranked games. Meaning you will see a lot more complete stomps, surrenders, etc.
  • Top ELO players will regularly get matched with 1200-1300 hundred players.
  • Players will see lots and lots of huge win streaks and loss streaks.

So in short, if you want to ride this reset, make sure you either very lucky or have a strong stomach, because anyone right now can win a lot or lose a lot based purely off of luck. After a week or two, you will see the elo range expand and the queues should be a lot more stable. Meaning the random chance that you get someone out of your elo will go down. Good luck summoners!

This shows that the situation must rather be viewed with more importance. Even today RIOT does not have a special alloy for high-level players and I believe that ifyour goal is to increase the visibility increasing competition in the game world, you should give more importance to it. It needs a league for players of high level,competitive games and organized, this is not hard to do and I believe you haveplenty of capacity for this.

Some people will ask how this would work, and the question is quite simple:create a filter for selection of ELO players have solved the whole situation, for example, all players who have achieved PLATINUM GOLD BADGE or BADGE would be able to automatically access this game mode, however, not being unfair to new players who are seeking a way into the top rank, we can create a kind of classification. This selection system work as follows:

  • Players ranked with PLATINUM GOLD BADGE and BADGE in Season One areautomatically able to access the League.
  • New players get up to 1750 ELO released will have access to the League. If thisplayer has a number of consecutive defeats coming below 1600, it will lose access to the League.
  • Players who lose access to the League can only return after 30 days.

I know the idea is still quite raw and needs to work harder, but I believe it is contemplated that more calmly we can find a good solution to this problem. In addition of course to raise the level of the game and create a great elite players.

I apologize for my spelling errors, English is not my second language but I tried towrite the best possible way.

Thank you!

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If they are that bad they will sink to where they belong, simple as that.Now, if you can't manage to do your job, work with your team and avoid going down with them, I'm sorry, but guess what... Yeah, you should probably be there with them...

Now about creating this selection system... It's not going to happen, exactly cuz the current system do a fine job selecting players. If you don't agree with the system and you think you should be playing with player like bigfatjiji, hotshotgg, saintvicious, voyboy and stuff, do like Elementz have been doing... LMAO

And I'm also sorry for my poor english!

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I understand VirTTus , but not in THAT way of creating a separate league, I have just posted a thread because of my elo going down to 9xx because of the matches I had... Leavers, Noobs, Feeders. Come on guys.. The reset of the elo has really made some changes and because of my rating now on 9xx I kEEP getting noobs!!!! I cant get out , I dont deny that league thing, its not my deal since I just started playing rankeds on the second season and I wasn´t high elo but.. If you get bad teams and get to my current elo you´ll se what it is.. its impossible to go out fast or even get up on the rating, it certainly is taking the entire fun and sense of playing solo ranked...

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No one care about it, ill just stop playng this game soon.

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your gonna stop because people don't support your idea? you wouldn't even make the cut (nor would I or anyone else that has posted so far) so why all the tears? Just work hard, learn your champs and win some games. you will win if you deserve to.


get 4 friends and play together. in arranged 5's. that way you only have yoruselves to blame for crappy elo. I though I was better than my elo too until I played arrange with people close to my skill level. guess what? I'm where I should be.