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What do you like most about Dominion? What do you hate most about Dominion?

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Senior Member


Love the faster gameplay and different champ viability.

Hate how the game is decided by five minutes.

Im sorry, but no way is it decided in the first 5 mins, iv had games 300-89 and we lost, also had games where we where at 60 and pulled a win,

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Love everything about dominion.
Hate Rammus and flashers.

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all enemies with mobility boots and rammus

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Xion Moonray

Senior Member


I love that all the pains of laning are removed so crappy laners like Riven can rock faces right out of the gate (Seriously, I can't get over how awesome Riven is on CS).

I hate that a handful of champions are blaringly OP and/or generally a nightmare to deal with (Rammus "I can cross the map in 1.5 seconds", Gangplank "Oh did you want to cap that point? Sucks to be you.&quot

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Things I liked about Dominion.

1. Leveling. You start at a high level, and the passive gold earned is very high. In addition, you passively level now too, even when you are dead. This is great because it allows people to be ballsy. Deaths are bad and they feel that way, but you don't have to freak out about getting way behind in gold or level.

2. Pace. After playing Dominion, it was hard to do a round of SR. Probably the best thing about the pace (besides what I previously mentioned) is that people HAVE to be doing something. In SR, so much of the game is a standstill, waiting for the other team to make a mistake before you attempt to make a move. There is none of that here. Someone is always attacking, and you always need to attack back. You're always doing something, It's great if you're tired of the constant 5v5 in middle lane that never gets anywhere.

3. Items. While the items could be tweaked, and I am sure they will be, they feel great and compliment the level well. They tend to be cheaper (due to less time), but nearly as good in effectiveness. In particular, I appreciate the anti-stealth items, as stealth champions will likely be popular in Dominion. The ability to lock down stealth champions a bit better is nice.

Things that need work.

1. Fairness. For the most part, champs feel really good in Dominion and the translation works fine. However, many champs feel either underpowered or overpowered early or late game. For example, people like Ashe feel incredibly weak early game. Her volley is her main spell for early game, but it won't have a short and viable cooldown till level 9. Champs like Yorrick, on the other hand, feel very powerful early game and can solo multiple champs. This is where it gets tricky. How do you buff these champs without significantly affecting SR gameplay? I think lowering Ashe's volley early game for Dominion would be fair, but that would make her too powerful in SR.

2. Towers. I actually think the tower damage is close to where it needs to be, perhaps a bit higher. I just think they shoot way to slow. It makes garrison an essential spell for lots of people. I think if the towers did a tiny bit more damage and shot a bit faster, that would help.

3. Promote. The spell is very fun in concept, but even at your starting level of 3 they feel very underpowered. I've never seen the spell be something to be concerned about. I think they really need to buff the spell a lot. I like it in concept, but its too weak now.

4. Bugs. There aren't a ton that I noticed, but Pantheon in particular seemed buggy. His ult would quickly make a circle indicating his landing position, but it would immediately disappear every time he did it. Ive' heard of others, but I noticed this one a ton.

5. Healing debuff. Why is this there? It makes a lot of support champs much less viable, and essentially makes certain champs like Soraka meaningless. I especially don't get it since only a few weeks ago, there was a patch that significantly reduced the cd of most all healing champs. I understand that both low cds and full heals would be unfair, but that isn't the case anymore. 25% healing debuff is way too harsh on some champs and makes them not viable at all.

Things that people shouldn't complain about, but are.

1. Mobility. People seem to think that fast characters equals an automatic win. Sure, mobility is awesome, but I find it overrated. Mobility is very useful if the enemy team is defending well. I have seen so many players that stack movement speed. I am talking boots of mobility, phantom dancers for dps, forces of nature for tanks, ghostblade, etc. A few of these items are helpful, but I've seen a few people just focus on speed. These opponents are generally very easily locked down and quite meaningless if the enemy team can coordinate a decent defense.

2. Global ults. Lots of people that I played with hated the idea of a Karthus or a Panth or a TF. I think that's what makes those champs fun, but also requires their ults to be used wisely. Global ults do not feel overpowered, and so far I haven't lost to a team that had more than two champs that used global ults. Besides, most players used their champ for a very simple purpose and their play-style was dependent on it. If you are going to choose a champion because of one spell every 1-2 minutes, don't plan on winning.