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How is this build?

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Twitch starting with 2xQ, 1xE and maxing them out first unless you get into early combat where you might want expunge.

Get either Boots3 or Boots2-5 and a regen Bead. (I think I'm beginning to like the 3 better than the 2/5 for escaping.)

Advance to Precilla's Blessing, Phantom Dancer, Ronduin's Omen.

Just run around harassing capture points that are free to neutralize them and sometimes capture them and back off and Stealth/Slow/Ghost/Exhaust to get away and grab a bunch of health kits.

It seems to work rather well as long as you keep in mind that all turrets (even neutral) make your stealth irrelevant when you're near it.

The armor later on gives you decent staying power for protecting turrets from capture.

I'm not sure if there's a better way to build this or a better strategy in general.